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Innocent Or Guilty: The O.J. Simpson Trials

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Dealing with legal cases and issues can be perplexing and complicated. Often, such a case arises that has the whole world watching. Cases such as these are often enveloped by controversy and speculation. This very controversy and speculation can become the reason of unlawful trial. People begin to question whether the truth was sought honestly or if it was merely a façade of facts and figures. The O.J. Simpson trials are a perfect example of such a case. The O.J. Simpson case is infamous for being telecasted live, its' verdict and lastly the racial controversy surrounding the case. The public began to deliberate on the outcome of the trial and perhaps swayed this case. Though no one knew the outcome of the trial, sufficient evidence proved Simpson's guilt. Through examining O.J Simpson's criminal trial, civil trial and the social and political tension surrounding the cases, it is evident that the American legal system flawed.Often cases dealing with celebrities or people of celebrity status, the case becomes highly publicized. The media begins to cover every detail concerning the trial. The public begins to formulate their expected outcome of this trial. Specifically because of the magnitude of the O.J. Simpson trial, the case was televised live. Rumors speculated that Simpson confessed the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman to "good" friend Howard Weitzman. The criminal trial clearly outlined charges laid against Simpson as two counts of first-degree murder. Now "The Juice" as Simpson was known as was being accused of murdering his ex-wife and her colleague, Ron Goldman. O.J. Simpson and Brown wed on February 2, 1985. Prior to the murder Nicole Brown had expressed her concern and fear for her life as early as 1989, she had been repeatedly beaten, battered and abused by Simpson. There had been numerous previous incidents were evidence of O.J. Simpson's abuse of his wife had been obvious. There were "62 separate incidents of abuse and threats by Simpson". (Rice 25) Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson's relationship had been Rocky. February of 1992, Nicole Brown filed for divorce, the divorce was finalized October of the same year, but the relationship did not end here. At 35 years of age Nicole Brown ended her 17-year relationship with Simpson. The night of June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered. Simpson was told on Friday, June 17, 1994 to surrender at 10:00 AM, however Mr. Simpson fled on to the freeway in his white Ford Bronco, which Al Cowlings was driving. They drove police 60 miles across the Southern California freeways. Once police finally got a hold of Simpson they "...found a disguise, a passport, and a suicide note written by Simpson inside the car." (Rice 35) On June 22, 1994, Simpson pled not guilty and January 24th his trial began. The prosecution had substantial evidence that Simpson was guilty, firstly Simpson's threats to kill Nicole Brown, the abusive relationship between the two, the suicide note,...

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