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Innovation And Enterprise Assignment

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Innovation and Enterprise

For my Innovation and Enterprise assignment I intend to create a portfolio in order display my potential skills in sound design. My portfolio should show potential employers the skills I possess and also convince them to select me for a job.

My unique selling point will be the portfolio itself. For my portfolio I will use a couple pieces that I have already made previously in my university career, and also three new pieces, which will I will create in the following months. This will also tie in with my final project as I am also creating a portfolio displaying my skills at video to audio by doing another portfolio with some pieces being used for both projects. My pitch will be presented as a interview for a job and my product will be a CD/ DVD that will contain the videos that I produce.

Financially I should not need to spend much money on materials as I have what I need at home and in university. If I was unable to utilise the universities facilities then I would have to spend money on recording equipment and microphones. I would need to purchase a shotgun microphone and a couple cardioid microphones. The cardioid microphones I could purchase for as little as £30 however the cheaper I go the lower quality I would achieve. I also looked for shotgun microphones however they tended to be more expensive but I still would be able to afford a cheap alternative for between 100 and 200 pounds. However, even though I would record sounds for my pieces I also intend to show of my abilities at using VSTs as well. Other materials that I will be using will be my laptop with a version of Ableton live 7 and an assortment of different VSTs. However I will not need to use my laptop when I come to my pitch for this innovation and enterprise module.

I have researched into getting a job in the sound design industry, and what is expected from me as a sound designer. I have found out that as the job is set in a highly competitive market thus making it difficult to secure work. Most sound designers, even the most qualified, usually have to start in a junior roles which I am...

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