Innovation And Technology Management Critical Review Of The Third Wave Digitalization By Ryan Avent Masters Degree Assignment

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Critical review of
Executive summary
This paper is an attempt to critically evaluate the third wave of industrialization illustrated in
the article written by Ryan AVENT. Author argued that the technology and digitalization will
take simple job which previously done by humans. however, the scholar revealed that the pace
of digitalization may be slower than what Avent claimed. The article claims that developing
countries facing Premature de-industrialization phenomenon which prevent them to take
advantage of industrialization period. But the author noted that this situation can make an
opportunity for less developed countries to grow. The article analyzes the concept of robber
barons in modern society as well as the impact of technology on business which reshape the
business platform.
Table of contents
1. Introduction……………………………………………………….4
2. Rise of new platform……………………………………………...5
3. Concept of robber barons………………………………………...7
4. The third wave……………………………………………….……9
5. Conclusion……………………………………………………...….11
6. List of references………………………………………………….12
In the past decade, the debates on how much further the technology advancement can go to
help mankind to reach more productivity and efficiency, were crucial. The article, review in this
paper written by Ryan Avent, is dedicated to the rationality behind this technological
advancement and to what extent human can keep up with the fundamental changes taking place
as a result of this reformation. The writer inspired by a book, named third wave by Alvin
Toffler in 1970s. the first part of this paper dedicated to the establishment of new platform then
it comes up with the discussion of rubber baron’s concept and conclude with analyzing the
digitalization impact on society especially in less developed countries and less educated layers
of the societies. This paper also examines the scholars opposing the idea of Avent. Several
Secondary sources examined and used in this article. Since the impact of digitalization is so
broad the following article limited to the aforementioned areas. Lack of primary data also limits
the insight into the problem.
Since occurrence of first wave of industrialization in 17th century science and technology
developed in a way that help humans do the routine jobs. All the machinery that have been
built during past 3 centuries were somehow a mean to clear the way for mankind to improve.
transition from traditional form of living to more mechanical one and use of tools to replace
men’s power in 17th century and invention of factory assembly line and steam engines (Stub,
2016) made human’s lives dependent on machines. The excessive need for operating these
machines in 19th and 20th centuries led to high rate of employment and GDP produced...

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