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Innovation Is The Main Strength Of Apple's Success

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Innovation is the main strength of this the company’s success. It has created rare products, which have been in front of the curve such as the iPhone, which have transported touch screen engineering to the normal. Other touch screen devices were on hand at the time, but these devices did not look as appealing and did not have the best system. Other products like the iPad were created by Apple, which also brought the market forward, in terms of design and in competition. This company’s’ tradition towards a specific vision of research and growth into new-product concepts and thinking outside the box has created great sub culture within the company.
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. This is the method in which Apple has collected its large cash reserve. The fact that the company has also been picked apart for having questionable work practices in its manufacturing factories in China is furthermore, a problem which needs to be monitored. These problems combined to make it harder for the company to sincerely have a positive impact on the social characteristics of the business.
When new products are expected to be released, Apple undergoes a major decline in sales for that particular product which is expected. In most cases, consumers will be polarized in their opinions of new releases. Some buyers can defend making an annual purchase of a device just to get faster mainframes while other users may not agree and find a product better for them somewhere else. Recently, the iPhone segment of the company has changed in some aspects such as the speed, but lacks a feature, which is found on other mobile products made by their rivals. Features such as near field communication (NFC) and better resolution cameras have been present in products other than Apple smartphones. However, Apple needs to ensure that they can change enough on a yearly basis to justify a re-establishment new contract or upgrade to a new device. Apple can also unintentionally become its own worst enemy, as seen with the latest IPhone, which in an effort to position the hardware for a shift in a near future, needed a different charging cable. This was seen as a slap in the face to some as most apple device owners have more than one, and now that have lost the interconnectedness they once had for devices.
Apple has been slammed for the iPhone 5C; duo to the price points being too high. The...

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