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a) The first stage is to seeing the compliance as an opportunity for innovation. In this stage, the company need to have an ability to anticipate and define regulations and also skills to work with work together with other companies to utilise creative solutions. Therefore, the company and its partner can be induced by compliance to experiment with more sustainable technologies, materials and processes. The second stage is making value chains sustainable by increasing the efficiencies across the value chain. In this stage, in order to develop sustainable sources of raw materials and components and increase the application of clean energy sources; the company need to excel in techniques such ...view middle of the document...

c) According to Nidumolu, Prahalad & Ragaswami (2009), there are three competences needed for Ford in the stage of designing sustainable products and services. The first competency is skills to know which products are most unfriendly to the environment, which is showed during the soy foam project that by producing car with polyurethane foam is not sustainable for environment. The second competency is the ability to produce real public support for sustainable offerings and not be considered as green washing. This can be displayed in soy foam project when Mielewski and her team shared their formulations of using soy-based foam in car seat in different external forums, which later received positive feedback and supports from both customers and the media. The third competency is the management know-how to scale both supplies of green materials and the manufacture of products. This can be shown by Ford materials strategy in what was called the Commodity business plan (CBP), which involved in a set of strategic materials and its roadmap in terms of supply based, technology and footprint.
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a) Double externality problem: Ford motor company can reduce the global warming and smog by using the soy-based foam in the car seat and reduce the use of petroleum by more than one million pound. Regulatory push/pull effect: ford motor company is the one who initiate the use of soy-based foam for the car seat and there is no regulatory push/pull effect from other organizations. Higher interdependencies: Ford company collaboration with supplier (Lear) was a critical aspect of commercial success and a unique commitment is essential by the supplier partner. Need for new knowledge bases: Ford company need to learned new knowledge regarding the use of soy-based foam for the production. This can be shown by several experiments that were conducted to get the physical properties right. Environmental products are typically credence goods:...

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