Invention Of Marquis Wheat 1904 Essay

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One will find on a Canadian stamp, as well as a 2003 14-Karat Gold Coin, Marquis wheat. Canada is known world-wide for its prairie wheat. The high quality of the wheat in Canada's Prairie Provinces achieved universal renown. Canada became known as "the Grain Elevator of the British Empire." It is well remembered how Canada's granary served the Allies during World War I. Marquis wheat was a new strand of wheat developed by Canadian Charles Saunders. It matures in only 104 days, making it unsusceptible to early prairie frosts. This event is applicable to Homo Fabor in the Areas of Interaction. "Man the maker" invented Marquis wheat, which would forever change the lives of Canadians everywhere.One of the problems that faced farmers moving to the Canadian Prairies was the short growing season. Varieties of wheat that were successful in the Ontario, the Unites States and in Europe proved to be less suitable to the Canadian prairies, where they were often ruined by early frost. Farmers recognized early that they needed a different variety of wheat that matured quickly and ripened early enough to beat the frost.Wheat first appeared in Canada with the Selkirk settlers in 1812. Other wheats were introduced from Wisconsin but none were well adapted to Canadian growing conditions. The wheat named Red Fife arrived in Canada in 1842. David Fife requested the wheat seed from a friend in Glasgow, Scotland. This wheat was planted in the spring of 1842 by David Fife. David Fife's cow actually broke into his garden and was about to eat the experimental plants. Luckily David god rid of it in time. The seed from the surviving three heads that were left was increased and distributed. This was when the variety Red Fife was born in Canada. It had high yields and great baking quality and eventually became a common variety...

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