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Innovation Process Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: INNOVATION PROCESSUniversity of PhoenixOI 461 - Innovation, Design and Creativity for a Competitive AdvantageKristyna Flowers, Brandon "Scott" Lewis, Donna Ray, Victoria Richardson, Tawanda TownsendInnovation Process EssayProfessor Charisse WoodleyMarch 19, 2009Creating and implementing a product or service for a new or existing organization is a process that requires patience, testing, feedback and training. Corporations globally count on in house research and development teams to create new products or enhance existing products and services to abreast the evolving competition; and as products are generated, they are not always publicly accepted in various industries. As competition becomes more aggressive, some corporations seek alternative options and hire third party associations to create, introduce and implement new products and/or services.The Applebee's corporation has been introduced to a computerized menu system, which is called the iMenu that will take the place of Applebee's employees taking customer orders. The introduction and implementation of the iMenu will increase order efficiency, thus virtually eliminating food and beverage orders.The design and creativity of the iMenu took a team of engineers to master the overall concept. In this essay, Team A will identify and discuss the four basic phases of the innovative process, how the innovative process will be applied and change the Applebee's organization, identify the appropriate tools and techniques to be used in the process and why these tools were selected. Team A will also measure the results and what steps Applebee's can take to ensure continuous improvement.The ultimate goal of the new iMenu is to change the process of ordering food and beverages in all Applebee restaurants, giving the company a leading innovative edge over the competition and to increase revenue for the overall corporation. This new tool will improve relationships between customer and servant, which will create a more pleasant experience.Overall, the three techniques are the same as the tools in this process. Creativity is one of the tools that will help the idea to prosper and increase in the restaurant market. With the idea of the iMenu, Applebee's will become a leader in the sports bar arena. A creative edge also will allow an experience that will attract more customers to the restaurant and if it is a success, the competition will also want to know the successful secret. The new design will also allow for different partnerships, which will in turn, bring an increase in revenue for the company as well.The purpose of the design is to make the transition as smooth as possible for the customer as well as the Applebee's employees. The design of this new idea was also developed to create an innovative approach which includes the purpose and strategy; the technique in this design is also geared towards helping the ordering process, improve a new product and...

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