Innovations In The Farming Industry Essay

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Innovations in the Farming Industry
How has the way farmers operations changed in the last few decades? How many people could they feed? In 1920 a farmer was capable of feeding 19 mouths. Later in 1970 an average farmer could feed 26 mouths. But now in 2013 the average farmer is able to feed 155 mouths. This is a productivity increase of 816% ( That is amazing! This paper will look at how the latest technologies have changed the way farmers manage their acres. There are thousands of innovations that have taken place, but we will only have time to discuss a small fraction of the engineering marvels that have taken place. Farming has come a long way in the past century, how has technology changed farming and how will it change more in the future? How has the changes in technology and farming practices changed the way farmers are able to operate. Some areas that will be discussed include mobile computing devices, machine automation, and modernized planting techniques.
Mobile computing devices have been greatly advancing in recent years, especially in the field of agriculture. Mobile devices have become extremely popular in recent years. There are many places where these devices are being integrated and agriculture is no exception. With these devices farmers are able to operate machines through many automated accessories in the machinery. As well as many mapping other applications. According to the expert Tim Norris,"First, it’s technology that lots of people seem to have already. Second, they already have a data plan on that device so telemetry and data transfer with those devices makes sense to me. And third, the Internet quality and availability seems to be improving at a fairly rapid pace, which makes the devices much more usable for ag.” (Norris) This is why so many farm operators have begun the adoption of more advanced technology into their machinery. This can be taken to the next level too. This technology has advance so greatly that most planter and sprayers are nearly completely controlled by the computers that are built or added on to them. Even combines are filled with added computer systems. They are able to track how much grain is flowing though them and show on a digital map the yield and moisture changes of the crop through an entire field. This information can then be taken to offices and used to determine where areas of production could use improvement. This technology is being used by many farms and is being used for many applications around the farm site. It is greatly able to help improve the farm operator's bottom line.
Mobile computers are important for much lots of information, but they are also what makes machine automation possible. Machine automation has become very Propionate in the agricultural industry. This advanced technology is able to help farmers tremendously with the long hours they work. As well as it is able to deliver much more consistent results than an overworked farm...

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