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Technological Innovations In Industries Essay

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There is no point denying the fact that innovation is an important part in tourism industry. It is obvious that new technologies lead to exceeded guests’ expectations which in turn reflect on establishment’s image and success. The innovation is defined as the acceptance, generation and implementation of new ideas, processes, products and services. In my project I will be discussing about different devices that are used in restaurants to satisfy guests’ expectations, the profit that enterprises make from various means and also about QR codes.
Innovation in the hospitality industry
Managers in the hospitality industry with set of guidelines that can be used to develop and support various types of innovations with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction, profitability and market competitiveness. The last word of technologies reflects on purchase decisions and customer satisfaction, playing important role in the market share and revenue. The tourism depends on modernization due to make lower costs and higher profit, such as improved services and products, environmental issues, information and communication technologies. The case is not different for hospitality, this industry is extremely competitive sector and innovation is one of the main causes of competitiveness. The hotels and restaurants alike create, distribute and use innovation in order to get and support long-term competitive advantage.
Innovations in the restaurant business
Rapid changes in the modern technologies influence the restaurants industry in a major way. Nowadays the growing majority of people expect new options to order food and pay for their services. Restaurants of every size with full- or quick- service are ready to invest more in customer-facing and point-of-sale technology to improve the customer’s experience.
Inamo-interactive restaurant in London’s Soho
Inamo is an Oriental fusion restaurant and bar in the Soho district of London. The trademark of Inamo is interactive ordering system. The food and beverage menus are illustrated on the table surface which powered by E-Table technology and Canon projectors display appetizing menu options. The tables include round preview screens shaped like plates, allowing customers to communicate with any menu item before taking an order.
Furthermore, customers can watch the kitchen webcam or movie trailers from Paramount Pictures UK. They can even choose the table background, play various games, watch short films, and even call the taxi, directly from their E-table.
Digital food menus powered by E-Table at Inamo give us a brief look into interactive experiences of the future.
Tabletop technology
“Within the next decade, smart-device swiping will have gained mainstream acceptance as a method of payment and could largely replace cash and credit cards for most online and in-store purchases by smartphone and tablet owners,” reports the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
Changes in technology influence the...

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