Innovative And Intelligent Enterprise Essay

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7/15/2014Assignment - 27/15/2014ContentsQuestion #1Question #2Question 1:In Module 3, we discuss how IT can help an organization to provide better information to support managers and executives in their decision making, with the ultimate goal of enhancing performance management that links these decision outcomes to strategic objectives. In this question, you are to examine your own decision making responsibilities as an executive, and identify possibilities for improvement for yourself as well as your company. Specifically, your answer should cover the following parts:A concise description of your job responsibilities (about one page, 10 points)As a Manager for Global Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) Practice for Customer Relationship Management at Accenture my role involves enabling top clients to successfully manage CRM Transformation initiatives. It begins with understanding customer's current state of business in Sales, Service and Marketing functions along with desired business outcomes, develop a CRM strategy and roadmap to help achieve the goals and growth plans. Based on the roadmap, my responsibilities include developing a Solution Blue Print that presents the "As is" and "To Be" states of the IT landscape of the Customer Relationship Management and CRM Implementation Plan. A CRM Implementation Plan includes multiple value based options that customer can review based on the desired and feasible approach. Job also involves estimating and staffing the projects. Estimating the project includes effort estimation of the overall project and ensure that it complies with the legal and contractual standards of Accenture and bench mark the data to ensure it's in accordance with other similar implementations.During the implementation phase of the project my role as a Delivery lead involves daily operations of the project. A typical software implementation life cycle includes Pre-plan, Plan and Analyze, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Post Go Live Support. Job includes to architect the solution and manage the resources working onsite and offshore to ensure on-time delivery of capabilities and under-budget. One of the primary objective will be to manage the stake holder expectations and ensure the delivery of value. Integrations and Data migrations play a crucial role to success of the project. My role is to ensure technical design takes into consideration the complex system integrations and data volume requirements.In order to keep the stake holders and the project team updated of the everyday progress we are making, my responsibility includes sending daily reports and weekly progress reports to indicate the current status, Issues and Risks that includes a defect report.At Accenture, my role also involves providing thought leadership to my areas of expertise in Customer relationship management and specialized products in SaaS based offerings. I am tasked with publishing Accenture Point-of-view on these topics and developing assets that can...

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