Creative And Unique Writing: The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Often author’s lives have an impact on their writing because of the way they see life. Edgar Allan Poe had constant struggles in his own life that shaped the way he wrote. His name brings to mind death and murders but there was more to him than that. He was a man with many challenges in his life that he had to overcome.
Poe was born as Edgar Poe on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He was the second of three children. His siblings were Henry and Rosalie Poe. His parents, David and Elizabeth Poe, were traveling actors but his father abandoned his family two years after Poe was born and his mother died a year later.
Many of the things that happened to Poe shaped the way that he wrote. When his father abandoned his family and his mother died he was taken in by wealthy tobacco merchants, John and Frances Allan. He was separated from his siblings and they were all taken in by different families. He then was called Edgar Allan Poe even though he was never really adopted by the Allan’s. Poe soon left home and with the help of Allan he attended the University of Virginia but was only there for one semester due to the lack of money from Allan to continue his studies. Even though he attended only for a month this helped Poe become a great writer later in his life. Poe then returned to Richmond to his fiancé Elmira Royster but soon figured out that she got engaged to another man. This made Poe think about how lonely he was in life and it affected the way him and his writing.
Poe had other issues coming his way. For example, Poe’s adoptive father wanted him to become a businessman but all that Poe wanted was to become a writer and from then on tension began to build between Allan and Poe and Poe eventually left home. Before Allan died he disowned Poe and took him out of his will because he thought Poe asked for money all the time. Poe later enlisted in the army and found out later that Frances was dying of tuberculosis and unfortunately he did not make it in time before her death. His mother also died from tuberculosis and because of that Frances’s death reminded him of his own mothers’ death which brought many memories to Poe that later influenced his writing. Poe later attended West Point Military Academy but he then got kicked out after eight months. He then returned home to Baltimore to his aunt Maria Clemm who soon became another mother to Poe. She had a beautiful 13 year old daughter named Virginia who Poe later married when he took them back to Virginia. Virginia also had an impact in Poe’s writing even though she was really young but she also respected Poe as her husband and Poe found that quality attractive from her.
Like many today, Poe struggled through life due to lack of money. When Allan ignored Poe’s plead of his need for money Poe eventually had to work for it. He became a clerk and a newspaper writer but those jobs did not last long. Poe eventually became a sergeant major for artillery in the army and he also had many jobs in...

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