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Creative Writing: Epic Poem (Long) Essay

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He awoke from his Mahogany bed.His room was made of glazed cherry wood planks from floor to ceiling.The walls were decoratedwith various nautical memorabilia.Detailed maps of universally unknown bodies of water to old anchorsand helms cluttered the walls.He was shakenby a wave brushing upthe portside of the vessel.The man let out an inscrutable mutteringas his arms stretched to the skyand he sat up in the bed. As he sat up,there was a loud thump as everythingon his bed fell to the floor.The man was then interruptedwhen the old oak door flew open.The boy on the other side woreraggedy white cloths,but you would never have knownby the color they were now."Quick boy, out with it!" the tired man said. He was grumpy and ill-temperedby the boy's intrusion."Master, come quickly! We have landed!"The man then rushed out of bedand started to get dressed. He told the boyon his way out to make sure no oneleaves the ship without his presence.As he dressed,he hoped that they had finally foundthe lost island of Presailus. The island holds the key of stoppingthe evil Cortez and his men.As the tiny dooropened with a deafening squeak,dead silence loomed uponeveryone watching below,whose eyes were now fixated at the man who exited.The man stood straight upwith an aura of self-wealth and pride, unwieldy by most men exceptthe highest of nobles and kings.His name was Bartholomew "Riddik" Spallows.Captain Riddik had a headof wavy light brown hair that went downto his shoulders.On his headwas a captain's hat made of wool with a sky blue featherprotruding from the top towards the horizon. His face was always straitlaced,never showing emotionin even the most dire of situations.He wore a wrinkled white shirtwith ruffled cuffs, and a black vest.He, as well as his crew,hail from the modest peninsula of Hilaius.It's a peaceful and self-sustaining landon the waters of the Donuccid Sea.The ship sparkledwith a prestigious quality. The ship, nicknamed by the Latin phrase Ad infinitum, representing their relentless questof keeping their people safe.Made of the legendary Acer Saccharum stock. This particular wood, more commonly known as Fiddleback Maple,was said to be completely lost at seawhen a fleet of shipsthat carried all known amounts of it mysteriously sank into the depths of the artic. Only some of the wood was recovered, perfectly preserved in ice.The mast was said to stretch to the heavens, with the most complex rigging systemever used. Hundreds of extricate ropeswoven by the skilled craftsmen of Hilaiuskeep the sails at bay.As he raised his large masculine fistinto the air,everyone on the shiplet out a harmonious war cry.As people started yelling and asking questions, the captain's re-raised hand quicklymade his men repudiate the priority of their comments as silence returned.The captain's voice was loud and calm,able to be heard from miles away.He told his crew,"Men, we have stumbledupon an island unmarkedon all of our most accurate of maps and charts of the known...

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