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Creative Devices In Shrek Comparing Lord Farquaad And Shrek

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The film entitled “Shrek” is not like traditional fairy tales. In fact, it is the complete opposite of traditional writing methods. Unlike some traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, were the handsome prince finds his fair maiden and they live supposedly happily ever after, the writers and creators of the movie Shrek, have used not a pretty princess or a pompous prince as the main character, but instead... an Ogre. This is the complete reverse as surely a hero cannot be a man eating, ugly, putrid monster? Or can he? This characterisation has been used to help create humour and an odd but interesting storyline. Combined with a collection of famous characters who appear to have reversed their roles and also includes magical creatures behaving strangely, this innovative film is like a famous storybook fairytale, which is the complete adverse of what the viewer first expects.

At the start of the film, a large book is opened, just the same as a fairytale, and what do we discover inside? Yes, the story of a princess, of who is rescued by a handsome prince. Thus, giving the view a stereo typical and false impression of the real story contained within. However, this falseness is thrown away as we hear Shrek, the Ogre, stating “as if that’s ever going to happen!” and he tosses the book closed, like and unwanted present. The choice of music confirms that Shrek is somewhat a lot further away from a traditional tale. The misconception of using these devices helps to capture the audience’s imagination, and they want to stay on, as their minds ponder on what will happen next.

We then enter into the first scene in the film. As shown by the camera angle , the type of which is a low one, we begin to come to terms of how much larger Shrek is in comparison to the rest of his peers. As of course, we are in the heat of the moment whilst townspeople have come to capture him. Traditional ogre actions are depicted, and his speech helps add to the effect. As Shrek declares “I shall grind your bones for my bread.” This misconceives us into thinking he is, again, a stereotypical Ogre. This is also show as we then watch as the townspeople run away. This shows Shrek following his role in the story.

Next we come to the second scene, in which Shrek, and his companion to be, Donkey, meet for the first time. Following his role as before, Shrek tries to ward Donkey off with his appearance, by stating to him simply “What am I.” Whilst towering over Donkey. However, we then see that Donkey, unusually, he does not seem to be afraid of this apparently vile and dangerous ogre towering before him. To make Shrek not seem so harsh, we then see characterisation of Donkey taking place, whilst he makes fun of Shrek. By making Donkey comment “You need some Tic-Tacs.” We...

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