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Innovative Field In Computer Science Research Is Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have emerged as one of the most exciting and innovative fields in Computer Science research over the past few years. Processors with on-board sensors nearing the size of a dust are now being developed. WSNs are a trend of the last few years due to the advances made in wireless communication and information technologies along with electronics field. A wireless sensor network (WSN) is basically a wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. Some of the available standards include 2.4 GHz radios based on either IEEE 802.15.4[low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs)] or IEEE 802.11 [wireless local area network (WLAN)] standards or proprietary radios, which are usually 900 MHz. The emergence of wireless sensor networks in the recent years can be characterized by the amount of research papers published relating to the field, which is enormous. The research papers also characterize the difficulty faced by researchers in selecting appropriate techniques to evaluate their work.
The development of multifunctional sensors which have low-cost, low-power, has received increasing attention from various industries. WSN is a wireless network composed of autonomous and compact devices called sensor nodes or motes. A sensor network is designed to detect a phenomenon, collect and process data about the phenomena and transmit this sensed information to the required users. Sensor nodes or motes in WSNs are very small sized and are capable of not only sensing and gathering the data but are also capable of processing the data while communicating with other connected nodes in the network, via radio frequency (RF) channel. These sensors can monitor a number of phenomenon such as temperature, pressure, humidity, soil composition, movement of vehicles, levels of noise, conditions of lighting, mechanical stress levels on attached objects, the presence or absence of certain kinds of objects or substances, and many other properties. Their mechanism may vary from being seismic, thermal, magnetic, infrared, acoustic, visual, or even radar. A smart sensor has the capability of self-identification and self-diagnosis. The mechanisms of these smart sensors work in one of three ways: first,by a line of sight to the target (such as visual sensors), secondly, by propagation like a wave with possible bending (for example acoustic sensors) and lasstly by proximity to target (such as seismic sensors). The wireless sensor networks (WSNs) provide a bridge between the real physical and virtual worlds. The development of the Wireless sensor networks allows the ability to observe the previously unobservable at the finest resolution over large spatial and temporal scales.WSNs have a wide range of potential applications to industry, civil infrastructure, science, transportation, and security, to name a few. Now the following question arises:
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