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"Innovative Gaming: A New Approach To Consumer Saving" Is A Project Report In Which A New Product Was Created That Would Be Worthwhile To The Consuming Public.

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Table of ContentsI. Introduction: Mission Statement and VisionII. Product Description and Strategies of Attracting CustomerCost for Products and ServicesSavings: Get more for what you pay forCustomer SatisfactionConsumer AppealAdvantagesIII. Consumer Market and AdvertisingNetwork Marketing to Word-of MouthConsumer Market Target and LocationIV. Input and ExpensesExpenses: Capital goodsEmployee Expense and SpecificationProcedures and Length of ProductionV. Profit MarginRevenuesVI. Legalities and Risk FactorsCounterfeit Redistribution and PiracyCopyright/authorityVII. ConclusionVIII. Appendix"Innovative Gaming"A New Approach to Consumer SavingIntroductionThe most popular videogame console in the industry today is the well-known Play Station 2. One out of every five teenagers from the ages of fifteen to twenty owns one and three out of five teenagers would like to have one. Introduced to the public just two years ago, the Play Station 2 has taken its rightful place as the most desired game system by teenagers and young adults. The Play Station 2 is the improved version of the Play Station 1 and proves to be an even bigger success. Though it is up against tough competition such as Nintendo's Game Cube and the X-Box, the Play Station 2 still remains in the number one slot amongst the opinion of game-players nationwide. The creators of the Play Station 1 and Play Station 2, Sony, had yet another success in their innovation of electronic gaming.The reason for its popularity is primarily due to its multifunctional purpose; the Play Station 2 can be used both as a game console for PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games as well as a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) player. No longer will people need to buy a separate DVD player when they have the innovative technology built into the PS2.Though it may seem like the ideal system to purchase, along with it comes a big price tag. When the PlayStation 2 was first marketed, it was sold for a whopping $300 while the games range from $35 to even as much as $70. This gives the idea that in order to own a PS2, a person must spend a few hundred dollars for just the system and possibly a few hundred more for games, extra controllers, and miscellaneous accessories.In order to solve this problem, our company has created a mission statement that will be marketing a modified chip for the Play Station 2. The chip immensely decreases the amount of owning a PlayStation 2 by allowing it to read and play burned games. "Burned" games are duplicates of copyrighted games and are exactly the same and just as good as the pricey originals sold in numerous stores. The modified chip also allows the PS2 to play burned DVDs. This gives the advantage of watching movies even before they come out. Burned DVDs are often pirated and sold while those films are still being shown in movie theatres.Purchasing the modified chip cuts the cost of buying games: no longer will kids spend a big portion of their allowance on pricey games. The videogame fad...

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