Innovative Ways To Reduce Obesity Of College Students In America

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INNOVATIVE WAYS TO REDUCE OBESITY OF COLLEGE STUDENTS IN AMERICA 1INNOVATIVE WAYS TO REDUCE OBESITY OF COLLEGE STUDENTS IN AMERICA 6Innovative Ways to Reduce Obesity of College Students in AmericaLeslye KangGallaudet UniversityIntroductionObesity has been an ongoing issue that has been commonly observed in the general population of Americans, many of them including college students. Substantial changes in their new lifestyle, such as gaining more freedom without parental supervision, increased access to more food, and decreased physical activities all play a role in contributing to weight gains experienced by most college students. Some interesting statistics to underscore the existence and magnitude of weight and college students are the following:"31-35% of students entering college are overweight or obese" (Bennett, Foster, Hayes, Ives, Napolitano, 2013)."During the first year of college males and females gain between 6.61 pounds and 9.47 and 3.74 pounds (females) and 9.25 pounds (males) from matriculation to graduation" (Bennett, Foster, Hayes, Ives, Napolitano, 2013).Some of the health issues the infection overweight and obese people can be sponsored by a stronger commitment to recreational opportunities. Programs could be cut because of budget may be counterproductive to community health.The reason why I chose this topic because "innovative ways to reduce obesity of college students in America" interests me. I want to learn to how to solve the problem and help the first and second years students to prevent any weight gain. Researching issues related to how first and second year students improve their chances of avoiding the issue of obesity during their college-year.IdeasMy review of literature revealed three unique approaches for helping students lose weight. Three novel approaches will be described.Internet-Based InterventionThe transiton to college has been identifited as a serious period for an increase in overweight status. The study developed an intensive, 6-session, internet intervention. "This intervention was evaluated with first year college students assigned randomly to one of four treatment conditions" (Walker, 2009):"No treatment: control group completed baseline, post, ant three-month follow up questionnaires and athroponmetric measures" (Walker, 2009)"6-week weight and calorie feedback only: report weight and caloric in once each week" (Walker, 2009)"6-week internet intervention: based on a face-to-face group focused on healthy eating and exercise" (Walker, 2009)"6-week combined feedback and internet intervention: internet intervention, weight, caloric feedback as describedpreviously" (Walker, 2009)The collective intervention group had low body mass index (BMI) at post-testing than the internet, feedback, and control groups. The mean BMI was 24.38 (SD = 5.05) with a range from underweight (BMI = 17.52) to severely obese (BMI = 41.01)" (Walker, 2009). "The combined intervention showed reduced snacking behaviors after dinner;...


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1265 words - 5 pages In America 68.5% of adults and 31.8% of children suffer from obesity. Obesity is defined as the excessive amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass (OIA). However, many people don’t know the difference between overweight and obese. The term overweight refers to body weight that is at least 10% over the recommended weight for a certain individual, where obesity refers to body weight that is at least 30% percent over the recommended weight

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1202 words - 5 pages thirty years, the obesity rate has exploded in North America and is still climbing. Many fear the rate might continue climbing to dangerous levels in the near future. A study conducted by the American College of Preventive Medicine (Obesity Forecasts Through 2030) reveals data predicting obesity rates to skyrocket past 50% nationwide by 2030 (Finkelstein 1). This quickly growing rate has many looking to the cause of this epidemic in an attempt to

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2652 words - 11 pages Obesity in America Only in America can one see 78.1 million adults and 12.5 million children that are all obese. Obesity in America is an unstoppable epidemic. Since the 1960s, the number of obese adults have doubled and the number of obese children have tripled. Because of America’s obesity problems, Surgeon General David Satcher issued a report saying; "The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight," said that

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3140 words - 13 pages and it is the duty of the government to comply with its own obligations.Works Cited"The Experts: What Role Should Government Play in Combatting Obesity?." Wall Street Journal Online. 21 Apr 2013: n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 06 Dec 2013.Friedman, Lauri S. "Obesity." Greenhaven: Christine Nasso, 2009. Print.Ingram, Scott. "Want fries with that?: Obesity and the Supersizing of America." New York: Franklin Watts, 2005. Print.Kolata, Gina

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2340 words - 9 pages terms of genetics may be attributed to higher risks of obesity in children. Environment and genetics are both reliable options when it comes to a blame for obesity however one of these options may have a stronger pull over the other. Obesity is becoming a very large epidemic throughout America and has reached 90.5 million people (HMAT). While it used to be something that people just “were” it is now described as common “condition” in which

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1913 words - 8 pages past 30 years (“Educating” n.p.). The condition of the nation is getting worse. How can a child expect to live a healthy, happy life in a country that sets them up for a life of gluttony? Through community support, informative campaigns, and dedication America can solve the childhood obesity crisis. To begin, when taking into consideration ways that American’s can help prevent childhood obesity, one must first look at where it all begins--in the

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889 words - 4 pages A growing issue that is becoming ever more present in American society is that of obesity. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, completed in 2009-2010, approximately 35.7% of Adults and 16.9% of children in America weighed in as obese. The obesity phenomena in America can be attributed to many daily activities that are common in modern day society such as the connivence of fast food, living an inactive unhealthy

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659 words - 3 pages with obesity. America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Shouldn't it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should be, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Even though we are living in a country with great economic power and technological advancement, we are also living in a country with the smallest fund of practical nutritional knowledge. We are living in a land

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1467 words - 6 pages How is it that a nation so obsessed with counting calories, cutting back carbs, and going on diets is so incredibly overweight? The United States is by far the heaviest country in the world. Almost two thirds of Americans are overweight and one third are obese (“Statistics…”). That’s a lot of fatties in a land of 281,421,906 people (“Question…”). On the surface, it’s simply bewildering as to why America is in such a state

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680 words - 3 pages One of the largest health care issues in the United States is obesity. According to the National Center for Health and Statistics it is the number one healthcare issue among children. Over the past 20 years the amount of overweight Americans has increase by over 15 %. In 2007 over 30 % of Americans are considered to be either over weight or obese. That is about one hundred million people in the US.Obesity is the leading contributor of many

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