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Creative Writing: Cellphone Abduction Essay

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"You, daddy?" Momentarily forgot he wasn't on the precinct, but with his mother and child in his kitchen. He looked at Kate for help, but the detective was finding the situation mostly amusing, so was his mother.

"Well, you know.. because I'm always warm?" He said, though it sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Oh, ok" Alexis said buying into his improvised lie. His mother saluted him with her wine glass, as if saying 'nice safe, kiddo'.

Rick focused again at his task at hand, lowering the temperature of the burner, and then placing the bacon. Sure enough, he didn't have to avoid getting oil burns. He looked at the detective, who was looking far too smug for his liking. "I would've figure it out eventually"

"You're welcome" Kate said smugly, causing his mother to laugh.

While he finished cooking, Martha set the table with Kate's and Alexis' help. The two red heads sat when the finished and Kate offered to help him taking the food to the table. On the last trip to the table, Castle was fast enough so that he could pull out the chair for Kate. The detective rolled her eyes at his antics, however it was not lost to his eyes the gentle blush spreading in her cheeks. He sat and they began eating the pasta. Alexis was sitting next to Kate, and was eagerly telling her about some activities she had done in her preschool.

"And then she asked me if I wanted to hold the hamster!" The girl finished her story.

"And did you?" Kate asked, genuinely interested in Alexis' story. The girl's innocence was refreshing, since most of Beckett's world had to do with negative aspects of people.

"Yes, but I didn't liked it." Alexis said scrunching her nose, making Kate smile at her adorable face.

"Why?" She didn't noticed the smile the other grown ups had. Normally people treated Alexis like a baby, not really listening to her.

"I don't know. It felt funny" Alexis shrugged.

"I am just glad you didn't bring it home, Alexis" Rick told his daughter, making her giggle.

"Enough about rodents for today" Martha interjected "So Kate, do you cook much at home?"

"Not really, I don't have time for it. I mostly eat takeout" She watched two -even three- disapproving faces, so she tried to change the topic a bit. "I didn't know you could cook, Castle" That was the closest she was going to get to complimenting him, his pasta carbonara was to die for. Apparently he knew that, because he grinned at her.

"It's totally doing it for you, isn't it?"

"What is it doing?" Alexis again didn't understood her father's comment. Rick should definitely work on not saying stuff like that in front of her.

"It's an expression, to say that..." think dammit "to ask if she liked the food" He glared at Kate, who hadn't hide her snicker in time.

"Oh, is it doing it for you, Kate?" Alexis asked her innocently. Rick covered his head with his hand and Kate bit her lip so that she didn't laugh out loud. Martha, however, did laugh. It was funny all right, but Rick had to fix it,...

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