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Creative Writing Journal Entries A 1,936 Word Essay That Is Essentially Creative Writing. The Task Was To Write A Creative Journal/Diary Based Story.

1894 words - 8 pages

Creative Writing JournalMATTI have never been so in love with someone in my entire life! Every minute I am not with her I feel like dying- like throwing up- like holding my breath until she is near me. Photography is my new favourite subject. That's when Jenna is and that's where I met her. From the moment her eyes met mine we were in love with each other. We didn't even need to say anything. When I finally got over my nerves I asked her how she was. She must have been so excited that she couldn't even answer! She is mine and I love her.JENNAI feel sick. Not because I have a cold or anything like that its cos of that guy in my Photography class. He is soo gross just to look at. And not only is being really ugly bad enough, he keeps staring at me and smiling every time I have to look in that direction. He sits right near the teacher's desk so whenever we get another boring lecture about what to do or he I get asked a question, there is that freak just staring at me. This weekend is Troy's big party. EVERYONE is going so there's no way I'm missing out! Tegan and me are making a pledge that we hook up with a hot guy each. I am so excited!TROYSIC! My parents are hell going out of town for the weekend! I told them I was gonna go live with gramps but I told him I was stayin with a friend so I got the house to myself! I told everyone bout the kick ass party Im havin. Theres gonna be booze, sex, loud music. All the stuff a sweet party should have! Oh yeah and I hear that babe Jenna is gonna come. How awesome would it be to add her name to my list. Hell yeah this weekend is gonna be sic!TeganI am getting really sick of school. I swear some teachers are out to get me. There is one teacher who is getting extremely out of hand. She acts as if her class is the only class we ever take. As soon as one assignment or evaluation ends there is another one the next day! Not only that she gives us completely unreasonable times to finish them in- 1 week for a speech and a research assignment? Other classes aren't so bad but they still give me homework. I promised Jenna I would go with her to Troy's party but aside from having huge amounts of homework to finish she wants me to hook up with a guy who I have never met in my entire life. I hope Jenna stays cool at the party because she has been getting pretty boy-crazy lately.REGAN'(|-|3@7|-|()U53 |2|_||_35'That's my latest graffiti tag- It doesn't mean anything- Just writing long random crap across buildings makes me feel big. I love just writing in the darkest paint, random huge words and letters making people have to work hard just to get the words off. The real reason I do it is for street cred. If you get enough street cred you can make a lot of valuable friends. Speaking of friends, Troy's party is this weekend. It better be good. Most of the parties I have been to lately totally suck. But I have a way that will guarantee the party will be good... the girls will be all over me... even if they don't wanna...

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