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Creative Writting Essay

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Susan is a young professional who just had her personal genome sequenced. She now knows she carries the gene for Huntington’s disease. She is agonizing over the decision about sharing this information with others. She doesn’t know what to do or who to tell. So she goes to a doctor to get his opinion on if it would be right or not to let her family or boyfriend know. While she is waiting in the waiting room she is imagining how her life would be if she had Huntington’s disease. What type of burden she would be on peoples their opinions about her. Her family would not be able to leave because they would constantly have to take care of her whether that be her hopefully husband or another family member. When she goes to any event in public she will make a scene or outburst and how they all will judge her about her condition. Susan starts to hypervinalate in the waiting room as all these scenarios run uncontroably through her head.
Finally the doctor walks in and she focuses back in on reality. She explains the situation to the doctor that she found out she carries the gene for Huntington’s disease and she doesn’t know who to tell. The doctor explains what he would do and gives her recommendations. For her parents she shouldn’t tell them because they will not be able to do anything about it or they may be dead by the time she starts experiencing it extremely. It would just but unnecessary stress put on her parents worrying about their daughter. As for her boyfriend goes she should tell him because if the do get married one day he will be the one taking care of her and would have to primarily deal with it on a twenty four hour a day. Susan then has this scenario go through her head that when she tells him that it will be too much and he will leave her after all these years. She then consults this with the doctor of her fear that he will leave her once he finds out because it is such a burden. The doctor explains if he really does love her he will stay no matter what the situation is. Finally she should not tell her friends or coworkers because this is very sensitive information and they do not need to know. The doctor explains how if she told her friends they could possibly view her different and slowly drift apart because of this. Susan then ask if there is any cure for the Huntington’s disease ? He says there is no cure for it at the moment as genetic research advances there may be a cure developed in the future. There are treatments to make the symptoms more mild but they are still there.
After hearing all of this information and opinions on what she should do she goes home to think about her decision. This process takes her a couple days to really come out with who she should tell and who she shouldn’t. She decides that she is going to take the doctors recommendation that she will tell her boyfriend but not her...

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