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Input Devices Essay

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Input devices are used all around the world on a daily basis and affect our lives more than many people realize. They are classified as any machine that is used to enter data into a computer. One of the most common types of input devices was used to type this paper, a keyboard. There is so much more to this common device then you notice at first glance. Another input device that consumes much of our world is the modern day smartphone. There are very few people around that do not have access to this high tech device. The smartphone mechanism itself contains multiple different inputs. There are many inputs that people will go their whole life not using or maybe not realizing they had access ...view middle of the document...

“A keyboard is an input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into the computer.” (Gary B. Shelly, 2011) Keyboards can also be used in place of a mouse, using the “ctrl” button plus and letter on the keyboard. On most computer software they program it to have different functions beyond just using the keyboard for typing. An example of this would be while typing a paper and using “ctrl+Home” will bring the cursor to the top of the page. While most programs have many shortcuts now, using the keyboard, a lot of keyboard companies are starting to add more functions and buttons to their keyboards. Such as volume, play, stop, next, etc... Although keyboard companies are adding more functions to the product, many computer companies have been attempting to make everything smaller and more compact which is leading to smaller keyboards and smaller mouse’s. This means that the keyboards have smaller buttons yet more buttons on the keyboards and less functionality with the mouse. Some are even starting to combine the mouse and the keyboard into one. Touch screen monitors are now including keyboards as a program in the computer starting to act more like a smartphone. Eliminating the keyboard and the mouse entirely but still having full function.
The smartphone has multiple input devices that are accessed every day. The most common type of input device on the smartphone is the keyboard. The hard keyboard on smartphones is an input device but not all smartphones have hard keyboards. The on screen keyboard is a common feature on smartphones now, this means the touch screen is both an input and output device. There is the input factor of typing on the screen but the output is also displayed on the same device. There are multiple ways to input on the touch screen. You either use your finger or a stylus, both will achieve the input function. Another input device that is found on the smartphone is the ‘microphone’.
The microphone on the smartphone is known to be an input device because you can talk into the microphone and as an output on the screen the exact words you said will be typed out in whatever application you are in. This is used in many places on the upgraded or newer smartphone. You can use it to text, surf the web, and in many other applications. “Siri,” found on the iPhone uses the microphone as the input device and is considered a voice control that uses the microphone. Siri responds to everything you ask her and can control most functions on the phone, and can even access the web without any physical touch input. The microphone function is classified as an audio input. (Cardinal, 2011) Those are just a few examples of input devices on the smartphone. Technically, anything you enter into your phone and it results in something done on the screen is an input device.

(Litchfield, 2007)
There are also devices that can be used with a smartphone as an input device. One of the most common devices would be...

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