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The Importance Of Expressing Our Inner Thoughts...Or Not...

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Being brought up in this society I have come to realize the urgency of revealing our private thoughts and personal opinions. Speaking your own voice has come to show many benefits as well as consequences. Literature has warned us that our words have a strong impact in displaying our thoughts and opinions allowing for others to feel empathy and love towards us just as well as it brings hatred ,and loathing against us. Should we really stand up and reveal our private thoughts or should we bury them within ourselves? What impact will it have on society if we do choose to reveal our thoughts?
After reading "The Book Of Negroes" I have come to realize that revealing your private thoughts can be a dangerous task. Before reading the novel I was not conscious as to how oblivious I was to those who live in corrupted societies. I am fortunate enough to be living in a country where freedom of speech is a right as long as it does not threaten others safety or promote hatred of any kind. As Aminata would walk the streets of Shelburne, she constantly faced hostility towards her and the other 'negroes'. Even the White's who stood up against the hostility on their own would be shoved back down. Aminata had witnessed a white man try to stand up against his aggression only to be beaten down for it. Although this man was greatly outnumbered why is it that he tried to help? Is it our human instinct to help others who are in need? Or was it guilt?
Is it because of society that we act the way we do? Following whatever the majority perceives as right or the 'cool' thing to do. Literature has brought me to the belief that humans are very adaptable as we tend to adapt to not only our surroundings but also to what others around us think. We adapt for the greater good and the bad. Before Aminata was captured as a child she would have been considered a young, innocent, religious Muslim girl. After she was captured, she stopped praying as she was not allowed to because of her owner although she could have found ways to do so in her hut. Over the years she drifted further and further away from her roots. Finally, nearing the beginning of her journey to her home town, she was in a meeting with two others who were drinking. When offered a drink ,for the first time in the novel, she accepted it. Aminata's choice was surprising to me as in Islam drinking is a huge sin. If we are constantly surrounded by a certain environment, it could invoke the will to fit in. But do we really want to change or stay the same, and can we resist it? If the majority of this world goes against a strong belief that you carry how long can a person's will last, would you let the majority control your mind? Will you stay silent and cope with fear of the society, to what extent are you willing to stand up for yourself and your private thoughts?
Literature has made me believe in standing up for our personal beliefs, even if you are the odd one out. In "Superman and Me", Sherman Alexie shares the...

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