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Inquiry Into The Application Of The Process And The Length Approaches In China's Senior English Writing

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Inquiry into the Application of the Process and the Length Approaches in China's Senior English WritingContents1. Introduction 12. Major Problems of China's Senior English Writing 12.1. The inappropriate role play of teachers and students in the writing class 22.2. Too much emphasis on grammatical forms 22.3. Negligence of the balance between language input and output 32.4. Overemphasis on the final product 32.5. Lack of more diverse types of feedback 33. Application of the Process and the Length Approaches in China's Senior EnglishWriting 43.1. Theoretical Background 43.1.1. The Process Approach 43.1. 2.The Length Approach 53.2. The procedures research 53.2.1. Listening as guide-in activity 63.2.2. Speaking leading writing 73.2.3. Reading promoting writing 73.2.4. Emphasis on the writing process 83.2.5. Practicing peer response 83.2.6. Giving priority to free writing 93.2.7. Writing long composition 103.2.8. Writing two drafts 103.3. Three stages with different emphases 113.3.1. Fundamental stage 113.3.2. Enhanced stage 123.3.3. Advanced stage 124. Conclusion and Implication 134.1. Conclusion 134.2. Implication 13Bibliography 15Abstract: Writing is a complex process of psychological activity, knowledge production, inward social communication and skill training. Currently, great progress has been made in the teaching of listening, speaking and reading in China's senior middle schools, but little breakthrough has been made in the writing practice. It is largely because English teachers are still using product-oriented or mark-oriented traditional methods to deal with classroom writing, which put students in a passive position. This paper shows this concern and points out major problems in senior middle school writing class. To solve these problems, it suggests utilizing the Process Approach and the Length Approach as a key to successful senior English writing. The paper also provides procedures of applying the two approaches in detail and gives some suggestions on the application. It is believed that the combination of the two approaches can improve senior English writing and promote students' writing ability.Key words: English writing; the Process Approach; the Length Approach1. IntroductionWriting is a difficult skill for students to grasp, especially writing in English, where authentic learning environment is not available. Students, learning English as a foreign language, struggle with many unexpected problems in writing practice including choosing precise words, organizing ideas into a coherent and cohesive form, using appropriate forms according to different social contexts etc. These linguistic problems appearing in the writing process are serious because teachers tend to focus largely on teaching students how to use grammar and choose words, and always regard students as passive receivers, which hamper students from improving their classroom performance and detain them from developing more active behavior in writing. Due to the gap between...

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