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The creator of insanity is Mr. Shaun Thompson better known as his stage name Shaun T. Mr. Thompson was born on May 2, 1978 in the small town of Deptford, New Jersey. He is six foot one and weighs around one hundred seventy-five pounds. During his freshman year at Rowan University, he gained an unexpected fifty pounds. Shaun T decided to change his course of study and became interested in the area of fitness training. He attended Rowan University and received his Bachelors of Science in sports science and minored in theater and dance. While attending college, he initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated. Shaun began dancing in college, and was required to teach an aerobics class and became an aerobics teacher part of his sports science. When he graduated Rowan University, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a choreographer, dancer and trainer. Shaun T began his career as health and fitness personal trainer and health program manager at Wyeth, a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Shaun T was a dancer for Mariah Carey in past years and a trainer at Equinox. He was approached by representatives of Beach Body, LLC and was asked to submit a demo for a workout video. Shaun T is now an American fitness trainer and choreographer best known for Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs home fitness programs for adults and children.
During one of his most recent commercials the narrator comes on to promote this product and says, “If you are ready to dig deep and transform your body with insanity, Shaun T has a special offer just for you.” In the commercial, the narrator tells the audience that they can purchase the DVD at or a teen Beach body coach and get a bonus workout absolutely free. While the narrator is talking, Shaun T and others are doing the rigorous workouts. Shaun T the creator of Insanity and tells how excited he was to make this workout for people. The workout can be done in forty-five minutes with no breaks. Shaun T says, “Come on you can do it, purchase the workout at and get ready to work.” The time that insanity is aired on television is around two o’clock in the morning. Around this time a lot of people are sitting in the bed watching television and eating snacks. This can motivate people with low self-esteem and want or need to lose weight....

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