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For Smokers OnlyNovember 02, 2004Heads up, Juggalos, we got some big news for you, and this shit's right around the corner. For the first time in their career--which has stretched over seven years--a member of Twiztid is gonna be releasing a solo album! The Monoxide Project, "Chainsmoker LP", will be debuting in just two short weeks! This is the record that was promised to the Juggalos at this year's Gathering, where it was claimed that the album would be out before Christmas. Well, shit, Psychopathic's been off to a good start this year, because not only is the album gonna be out before Christmas, but it got hammered out and'll be in stores even before Thanksgiving, by a full ten days! Monoxide is taking his solo shit in a brand new, unique, and original direction. We got a feeling that the Juggalos will really be feelin' this shit. It's gonna be as revolutionary as Violent J's solo EP, "Wizard of the Hood".The album features these tracks:Lite It UpDrive ThruSee MeWut Would You Do?BlazeOutta My WayBring Me DownI'm OutSlutRite QuickShoe FitzChangeEvilThat's RealMonoxide's "Chainsmoker LP" will be in stores on November 16th. For more info on Monoxide and his new album, hit up for more of the flavor.Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hallowicked Explodes!November 01, 2004Hey Juggalos... Last night at the 11th annual Hallowicked was definitely some crazy-ass shit. Juggalos came in from all across the country and all across the world to spend Halloween with some Family and have a good time. Esham and ABK turned it out and tore shit up with some amazing sets. Then, ICP took the stage, and it was just pandemonium up in that bitch. ICP was rocking it, getting into the full-on Halloween flavor.Halfway through ICP's show, Juggalos started storming the stage. At first, it was just a few Juggalos stage-diving, which was cool. But a few Juggalos turned into twenty, who turned into a hundred, who became two hundred, and then there were five hundred Juggalos when we just gave up on the whole counting thing. ICP was literally crushed against the background set, still trying to perform and super-freak it. But it was a scene very reminiscent of the second Gathering of the Juggalos in Toledo.Well, if you were there, you know that pure, unadulterated pandemonium just broke loose in that joint. Microphones were lost in the sea of Juggalos on the stage; power cords and speaker wire got pulled loose and disconnected; huge portions of the props were destroyed; and part of the stage just started to collapse under all the weight.Some Juggalos were getting way fuckin' wild at this point, and there was just no way for the show to continue. ICP wanted to go back out there like a motherfucker, but it would've taken hours to even try to get everything set up again, and there was no way that was happening, especially when you remember that the city of Detroit has a curfew that they enforce. One of the...

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