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Insanity. Discusses How Louis Tanner Of "Destroying Angel" And Rick Deckard Of "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" By Philip K. Dick Are Important To The Thematic Development.

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How would you feel if you found out you where making love toany android? Shocked l hope. In this essay l will discuss howLouis Tanner of Destroying Angel and Rick Deckard of Do AndroidsDream of Electric Sheep are important to the thematic developmentof 'moral men in immoral worlds' and body mind invasion.Is Tanner a moral man in an immoral world? What is consideredmoral or immoral? We know from reading Destroying Angel thatTanner is a good person. Tanner is the type of person whom we saywould 'do the right thing' in certain situations. He's honest andhonorable. If Tanner makes a promise, he keeps it. He made anagreement with Rattan, where Rattan would be shipped to New HongKong illegally in return for the name of the chain killer. Rattanis a drug dealer with a lot of money to waste. He's also the onlyperson with the information to catch the chain killer. To getjustice the moral must cooperate with the immoral. We also knowthat Tanner is not a womanizer. He had his chance with Hannah butdid not take advantage of the situation: 'No Hannah'(136). Tannerhad more worrisome thoughts than making love to a good friend. Hewanted the murderer of all murderers, the chain killer. As a cophe never captured the chain killer. This person fused chains topeople's bodies and then threw them into the water. For Tannerwho was now a retired cop, it was as if a spark lit up in him.All the old memories fled back into his mind. The nightmare ofhis partner getting shot on a 'drug bust gone'(13) wrong began toreplay in his mind. He had a conscience; therefore, he couldnever forget what was done to his partner nor the victims of thechain killer.One of the many other themes found in this book was body mindinvasion. When Tanner was still a cop, slugs worked at the policestation whose job was to 'solve almost any problem' (16). Thesepeople were constantly injected with reason enhancers to helpthem solve investigations. Now that Tanner was retired, the slugsworking at the police station probably looked 'Distended anddistorted'(16) after all these years of taken drugs. Althoughthey took the enhancers, they did not help in finding the chainkiller. The only person that could help find the killer wasRattan. He was interested in the new process of the regenerationof limbs in New Hong Kong. This was a process where your naturallimbs were actually grown back. Rattan would have rather diedthan have prosthetic limbs. The only person that could havetransported him to knew New Hong Kong was Tanner. It was a dominoeffect after that. Both parties got what they where looking.Rattan went to New Hong Kong and Tanner got the name of the chainkiller.Louis Tanner developed the themes of 'moral men in immoralworlds' and body mind invasion in a certain fashion. Now l willcompare it to how Rick Deckard in Do androids Dream of ElectricSheep developed the same themes.Was Rick Deckard a moral man in an immoral world? He lived ina world where humans were given classification such aschickenheads or...

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