Insatiable Appetites Essay

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Daryl jerked as Merle slammed down his lunch tray and sat down beside him. "Hey uh...can I talk to ya for a minute?" He asked Daryl, his eyes shifting nervously.

Daryl raised his fork up to his mouth and paused, looking at him suspiciously. "Yeah...I guess. What tha hell's up?"

Merle glanced over his shoulder and over to the sides. To say that Merle was acting strange would have been an understatement. Daryl hadn't seen Merle this paranoid since the time he had eaten those wild shrooms that had grown beside their house when they were kids.

Daryl frowned and looked at him. "Who tha hell ya lookin' for, Merle? Ya ass is actin' paranoid."

Merle glanced over at him and muttered under his breath "Beth, man. She's uh...really been RIDIN' ME HARD."

Daryl looked confused. "Ridin' ya how?"

Merle looked at him and shook his head. "Boy, if I hafta explain it ta ya, then I ain't raised ya as good as I thought I did." He rolled his eyes and cursed."Tha fuck ya think, dumbass?!" He then proceeded to make his index finger and thumb into a circle, and stuck the index finger on his other hand in to the middle, moving it back and forth, whistling under his breath.

Daryl laid his fork down and shook his head. "Ya ass is fuckin' nasty, Merle." He took a bite of his food and swallowed. "Besides, I don't see what tha damn problem is. Ya ass should be happier than a dog with two peters."

Merle glanced around once again. "That ain't it. It's my junk man. I think she broke ma dick." He picked up his fork and took a bite. "I can't feel it no more. Ever since I knocked her up, she's been wantin' it all tha time. She's insatiable man."

Daryl dropped his fork on to the table with a clatter as he laughed. "Merle Dixon afraid of pussy?! He bent over his plate gasping for breath. "Never thought I'd live ta see the day!"

Merle glared and pointed his finger at him. "Shut tha hell up. I need some fuckin' advice." He laid his fork down and glanced behind him, making sure Beth was nowhere near. "What tha hell did ya do when mouse was knocked up?"

Daryl sat up and caught his breath. "Tha hell ya think I did, Merle?" He looked at him and smirked. "I serviced ma woman well. Whenever and however she wanted it."

Merle looked at the smug bastard and shook his head. If the asshole had feathers, he'd be strutting around like a fucking peacock right about now.

"That ain't what I meant numb nuts." He growled at him.

Daryl sighed, obviously getting tired of the conversation. "Then what tha hell did ya mean, Merle? My ass ain't no mind reader."

Merle's face turned red and he averted his eyes. "What did ya do when ya couldn't get it up?" He muttered quickly under his breath.

Daryl choked on a laugh. "Couldn't get it up?" He slapped Merle on the back and guffawed. "Shit man, ya got more problems than I thought ya did!"

Merle looked at him nervously. "Ya mean ya ass didn't...

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