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Inside Islam Essay

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Religion is an important factor in many lives in today’s society. A particular western religion that is taken very seriously by many is known as Islam. Essentially, Islam means “submission”, or in other words a person is to abide by God and peace will follow. In order to comprehend the Islamic religion, it is consequential to view the major themes associated with this religion. By going through the central themes of Islam it could help others comprehend what is involved with this specific religion.
The beginning of Islam all started in Arabia around 570 C.E. when a prophet was born. This prophet was known as Muhammad, although it is said that he has multiple names, which was born in a ...view middle of the document...

During Muhammad’s time of ruling, a multiplicity of tribes came from all over Arabia to see the prophet and undertake the new religion; however, the Makkans would resist and consistently attack the Muslims but were unable to prevail. Needless to say, it is significant to know that the Makkans finally gave up resisting so the prophet migrated to Makkah and forgave all of his enemies. And Makkah, Mecca, actually became a significant piece of history, as it is now known as the great area of piligrimage, which is referred to as hajj.
Islam has spread throughout most of Europe as well as other countries, which actually makes this particular religion the second largest religious community . Even though there is diversity within this particular religion, Islam greatly focuses on unity. There are two principles that vastly unite the diversity of Islamic schools, which are known as there is only Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Muslims also agree on the fact that the Qur’an is the word of God and many of them practice the same rituals and beliefs. There are also three groups of Muslims that exist, which are the Sunnis, Shi’ites, and Kharijites. The Kharijites are very small in size so the Sunnis and Shi’ites are the most common groups of Muslims.
As mentioned previously, the Qur’an is an essential piece of the Islamic religion as it is the sacred text that all Muslims follow as it is the word of God. The Hadith is also an important piece as it is compiled of a collection of sayings of Muhammad. The significant belief of the Islamic religion is that there is only one God, or Allah. Allah is the Arabic term for God in this particular religion and he is seen as the Absolute. Along with the belief of there only being one God, there are five other major beliefs that are shared among the Muslims. The second belief of the Muslims is angels, which are also called Mala-eka. It is believed that they are honored creatures of God and that they obey his commands. Gabriel, as mentioned earlier, was an angel that delivered the messages of God to the prophet known as Muhammad. The belief in the books of Allah is the third belief among the Muslims, which is also just referring to the Qur’an. Essentially this sacred text is referred to as the guide for all of the Muslims. The fourth belief is in the prophets of Allah. Prophets are the messengers of Allah, which the belief is that they are human beings created by Allah to reveal the messages of Allah to the others. Other common prophets known are Adam, which was the first prophet, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc.
The belief in Judgment day, which is also called Yawm al-Qiyama, is the day that people are judged for their actions within life. It is believed that people who followed or worshipped God will be rewarded; however, the ones that refused to follow God’s commands will be punished. The final belief is in what is called the Divine Decree, which essentially refers to the...

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