Inside Out And Outside In Of Organizations

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In the business environment it is important for organisations to look at their competitors, and aim to be better than them. An Inside Out strategy examines what their strengths and weaknesses are, once they are identified the organisation will then produce the products and attempt to market it well (CMA, 2012). Whereas the Outside In strategy looks at customer value as its starting and end point, emphasising the outside environment when undertaking strategic thinking (Brandmatters, 2010). Strategy looks at issues that may concern the future of organisations, and to prepare for or overcome these issues as a number of strategies can used to identify them. This essay will define the Inside Out and Outside In of organisations. In particular, the different strategic theories and concepts will be looked at using examples of organisations to explain how the Inside Out and Outside In will explain the success of organisations.

The external factors of an organisation could be emphasised when strategic thinking is taking place, looking at the bigger picture, including their competition and customers. The PESTEL analysis framework can be used to identify an organisation’s external macro-environment. Issues including political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environments may be the key drivers that affect organisations (Johnson G et al, 2011). Managers within an organisation should analyse their environments carefully, as it could help an organisation to anticipate any future threats and take action and minimise the threats before it could affect the company. An example is the western European brewing companies, where the legal laws such as the drink and driving has affected large supermarket chains like Tesco as they dominate a large amount of the market. Although this could be beneficial to brewers as they introduced a higher priced premium product that is a non-alcoholic beer to suit the needs of consumers who would like to have a beverage and drive (Johnson G et al, 2011). External impacts could highly affect a company therefore being prepared beforehand they are able to plan ahead and try to adapt to changes. For a company to keep a close eye on the organisations external environment they are able to spot opportunities for them through the changing environment, during the recession many banks refused to lend to people, Tesco saw this as an opportunity for a retail financial service in the UK. Tesco started to offer credit cards to consumers, then bank accounts and mortgages. Now they have become successful in financial products, all through understanding what consumers want and need more than banks do (knowledge, 2010). This shows that during an economic crisis, a company can identify the change in consumer needs that have been affected by external influences. Changing external factors may come as a disadvantage to organisations if they are not expecting it, but if an organisation identifies its external factors it...

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