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Human Resource Management involves fostering a company culture that makes working for an organization a pleasant and rewarding experience. Building off the supplemental case: Inside the Clothing Store, this paper will concentrate on key ideas associated with building and sustaining a positive culture, how HR impacts culture with their activities and practices, and how the supplemental case compares with real life experience.
Company Culture
Most individuals want to go to work every day looking forward to what they do and enthusiastic about working in the environment they are in. Simply put, company culture is the shared values and practices of a company’s employees. As Barry Phegan, Ph.D. explains, “A company's culture is its personality. It tells people how to do their work. It takes its signals from leaders. It underlies motivation, morale, creativity, and marketplace success and it determines how members act, how energetically they contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity, and quality” (Phegan, 2003). Different organizations could have different cultures, but most are constructed using fundamentals like a mission, vision, and values. Human Resources can create value and impact organizational results and must be the core of enhancing organizational culture (Mathis, & Jackson, 2011, p. 5).
The Clothing Stores Culture and HR Practices
The Clothing Stores culture is promoted by its Human Resources practices. By taking considerable time and effort to screen and hire employee’s that fit the company’s ideals based on their culture and values, the HR staff is focused on additional recruitment and selection. Incentive programs, higher wages, and a good benefits package all directed by the Clothing Stores HR staff makes that company more appealing to current and potential employees. In addition to appealing benefits, this company takes training seriously and ensures employees know what is expected of them and they are given the tools and training to do their jobs successfully. The HR staff at the Clothing Store maintains a sense of what...

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