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Inside The Morbid Writings Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Inside the Morbid Writings of Edgar Allan Poe We have put he living in the tomb! Said I not that my senses were acute? I now tell you that I heard her feeble movements in the hollow coffin. I heard them...yet I dared not-I dared not speak! Edgar Allan was expert at writing morbid literature. "The Raven", "The Black Cat", and "The Gold Bug" are just a few of Poe's writings in this morbid style. This paper will demonstrate Poe's morbid style through death, mystery, and horror. Death is much illustrated in his writings. Poe was a master of the macabre; he wove tales of grim tragedy and mystery. Macabre means suggesting death and decay. Some of this works dealing with death are "Annabel Lee', "To Helen", and "the Raven." This quotation was taken from "Annabel Lee a poem written about the death of his wife who was buried by the Hudson River. Of my darling- my darling, my life and my bride, In the sepulcher there by the sea-In her tomb by the sounding sea (Poe, "Annabel Lee").This quotation resembles how he writes about death. This next quotation taken from the story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," which was a detective story about gruesome murders in the Rue Morgue. ... a search was made in the chimney, and (horrible to relate!) the corpse of daughter, head downward, was dragged there from... (Poe, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue") Poe wrote stories to express a theme or unravel a mystery (Parker 34). Mystery occurs often in the works of Poe's literature. In his story, "The Gold Bug," a mysterious and sinister beetle was found by an entomologist who, after the discovery, becomes strangely disturbed. At first it seems a classic horror story, but it is in fact a brilliantly contrived mystery tale, which gives full rein to Poe's passion for ciphers and cryptograms (Parker 40). This quotation is taken from the story "The Gold Bug." Well! I said, after contemplating it for some minutes, this is a strange scarabaeus, I must confess; new to me: never saw anything like it before-- unless it was a skull, or a death's head which it more nearly resembles than anything else that has come under my observation (Poe, "The Gold Bug")."The Fall of the House of Usher" is not only a story with a lot of macabre but also has a little mystery to it. The story's theme is typical of Poe. The theme is based on premature burial. This quotation from the story "The Fall of the House of Usher" shows some of the mystery in this story. And you have not seen it the said abruptly, after having stared about him for some moments in silence -- you have not then seen it? --...

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