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Inside The Perpetual Mask Essay

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In a parallel dimension, one opens his or her eyes to nothing but darkness. Pure, unadulterated surrounding darkness. Not darkness per say, but the blackness that comes from the inability to embrace light that comes with being blind. In a parallel dimension, if everyone was blind (either born or made), then perception of the world would very much cease to exist. However, while perception would greatly affect knowledge claims, the limited perceivance would also force a sense of camaraderie between people, however internal their thoughts may lead them.
A person walks along a piece of grass, using a cane to tap the compacted earth and feel for pitfalls common to the region. Along the path, he hears sweet sounds, and soft thuds of something coming toward him. A solar ping flares and travels back to reveal a long and lean silhouette only a little while wide. The person knows the object is his friend Steve, so he stops and taps the cane three times to alert the other male. Steve feels the vibration of the ping and stops intuitively close to the other person. Both reach out their right appendages and feel each other arms or skin to confirm the identities. Thus, conversation resumes as normal and they tap each other when finished. In this scenario, if everyone was blind and reliance upon visual cues was taken away, humans would be forced to adapt to their surroundings by having the other senses (hearing, smell, touch, and taste) overcompensate. Akin to bats, a method of echolocation would be developed as hypersensitive ears create a mental image or imagination of the surrounding objects. Indeed, if perception was limited only to senses other than sight, then a vague being would be noticed at most, imagination perhaps failing to create a mental image because of the lack of need. On the other hand, imagination could overcompensate as when the person and Steve meet, the memory of the skin texture as well as voice and gait could produce an artistic image to each...

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