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My day at college starts in a small classroom in Miami Dade College with about 20 students in my English class. The environment of the classroom is a very relaxing and chill, it is like walking in the evening at the park. The room is enough to hold about 40 students, but with half the size of students, it is a very great place to be in. the classroom is located on the first floor of building 7 on Miami Dade north campus.
The classroom has only one door and once you enter through the door, the room looks like the inside of a white box with all the walls painted white and the floor with a light gray vinyl color. As you turn to the right of the room, there sits the teacher’s desk that is shape like an L at the corner of the room. On the desk there is a computer, which the teacher sometimes uses it. Behind the desk a colorful red, white, and blue American flag is seen hanging from the wall, remembering us about our country of freedom. Near the flag is the whiteboard and above the board hangs the clock as in silence you can hear it ticking away in time. In front of the teacher’s desk are the students’ desk that some of them are not stable and are crooked; sometimes they make squeaking sounds that are annoying. One thing for sure that the classroom does not have is windows at all. It does not get you the outside look to stare away into the sky, well it is one less distraction.
The environment in the classroom is very pleasant. The lighting in the room has a cool feeling to it. The light in the room is not that bright like the sun, even though it has about 12 light panels with fluorescent tubes that light up the whole room. During the cold days in Florida, the room is pretty warm compare to the temperature outside. You can feel the warm air breezing by you face, giving you the warm cozy feeling like the one...

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