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Inside The Mind Of A Psychopath

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Ever seen movies with the characters of Hannibal Lecter, Jason, or Michael Myers? These are very famous psychopaths in the Hollywood world. The way these movies interpret these psychopaths is a misconception to what a psychopath really is. A psychopath is “somebody affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior and a lack of remorse or empathy,” or “an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as highly antisocial, aggressive, and lacking in empathy.”(Encarta ® World English Dictionary) Psychopaths are known and most likely to have APD, which stands for Antisocial Personality Disorder. People who have APD are usually thoroughly tested to find any signs of psychopathy or even sociopathy in their mentalities. Not all people who have APD are bad, they just don’t understand and conform to they ways of human nature.
Pyschopathy can be detected at the age as early as nine years old. Some signs of early psychopathy include: violent behavior, uncontrollable misconduct, and being antisocial. The thought of nine year old being a psychopath is inexplicable, crazy. The truth is that not all psychopaths are violent, that psychopathy is just a type of the many mental illnesses or disorders like any other. The acts of violence from a psychopath are preventable if the individual is diagnosed at an early age. Usually at the age of fifteen is when these individuals show and embrace their psychopathy. Once they hit that stage, therapy and medication may become futile to their case. It’s not easy to reverse a psychopath’s or any normal person’s mentality, especially a psychopath, since they are already born with such mentality.
There are various different types of psychopaths, but here are a few of most common and known ones: The Liar/Contract Breaker, The Socio-Economic ‘Climber’, The Sexual Psychopath, The Explosive Psychopath, The Violent Psychopath, The Charmer, The Thief, The Quite Psychopath, The Brainwasher, The Risk Taker/ Thrillseeker, The Paranoid Psychopaths, The Murderer or Serial Killer, and The Moralist or Saint. The Liar/Contract Breaker psychopath is a pathological liar and has no issue with lying. They lie because they have no assertion or understanding what truth actually is. Although because of them not understanding what truth is, technically they are not lying, but just saying what is convenient for them to get what they want. The Socio-Economic ‘Climber’ psychopath is very intelligent in their work field. They are always at the top, bullies, manipulative, and can be complete charmers. The Sexual Psychopath, “This P will display an impulsive hyper sexuality (male or female), and frequently expresses a polymorphic sexual range - eg., pornography and masturbation, promiscuity, homosexuality, and various paraphilias - including possible incestual tendencies and perversions.”(16 Faces of Psychopathy, Web.) They are the rapists and pedophiles that love to have control over a person’s body....

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