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Inside your threads a video produced by much music, in Bangladesh and Mexico talks about life of the workers in the garment industry struggles. They talk about child labor, mental and physical effects of work, human rights, what happens to the environment and conditions of factories. The garment industry is a big part of countries economies and jobs, especially in developing countries where they have low economic level and wages for workers in countries such as Bangladesh were 80% of the economy is the garment industry.
Child labor is the use of children, who are not at the age to work in industries or businesses. This is mainly an issue in developing countries like Bangladesh and Mexico, ...view middle of the document...

Developing countries have poor literacy rates such as Bangladesh where 4 out of 5 people are illiterate. This means that education is essential in developing countries, in order to improve development in countries.
Factory work in the garment industry also affects the workers mental and physical health. Physical effects of work in the factory are lack of sleep because workers often work 70 hours plus a week. This issue is an especially for children because they need at least 8 hours of sleep a day. It also affects the lungs by all the chemicals in the air the workers work with it, and aren’t protected of, in the much music video a factory worker said that his lungs would be in a horrible state if someone where to look at them. Mental effects is having more of a behavior problems because of the lack of energy, also the factory workers seem to have no hopes for themselves in the video when workers where asked where would you work, if it weren’t here they replied by saying there is nowhere in the country to find work besides the factory. This shows that factory work is very exhausting, and effects people physically and mentally and that factories owners often over work their workers without taking in consideration the effects it has on them.
Human rights are something factory workers don’t seem to have, it’s shown through wages there paid and hours they work. The wages factory workers are paid are very little in developing countries to developed workers. A factory worker in Canada would make $100 a week, while a worker in Bangladesh would make $6. Also workers in Bangladesh normally don’t make a dollar every day, because of their low wages they do not pay taxes and the government is not able to provide money for education, health care or economic development which impacts the quality of life deeply. Another issue is the hour’s factory workers work. This impacts the workers physically and mentally. Also they work for normally 10-12 hours a day, which is more than a Canadian worker who makes more than them, and they have no say in how long they work. An example of how they have no say in how long they work is when factory owners don’t let them leave the factory till all the work is done. An example is a tragedy in Bangladesh where the garment workers were forced to work by owners, though they felt tremors in the building this tragedy resulted in more than 1,000 deaths if factory owners were to escape the building earlier this could have prevented not to many lives lost. Also another issue in human rights is women rights. With majority of women in Bangladesh the workers, and small amount of men, the women are denied any higher positions which are granted only toward the male all because their female. If workers were to have more rights and there be no gender division, fair wages working in the factory would be easier on the workers.
The garment industry does...

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