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Insight Into How The German Culture Is

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Germany is a country of its own uniqueness and beauty. The country is located to the North of Europe, north east of France, west of Poland and below Denmark. Unification in
Germany was achieved in 1871, under the leadership of Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Ever since that time period, the country has flourished into one of the thriving, top nations in the world economically. Within this report, readers will gain insight into how the German culture is, and how to do business with the Germans. To further grasp how to react around the Germans, there will be points giving readers guidance about what to do under sub headings such as the greeting and language, dining behavior to uphold around them, body language and non verbal communication as well as personal space needed between a person. To add on, readers will get to preview a taste of what meals German eat as well as their practices customs, holidays and historic sites to visit while in Germany. There are also helpful parts of the report that will explain the currency and exchange rate from American dollars to Euros and the type of weather experienced there. Overall, readers will gain a what to do and what not do list after finishing this report that will help them on their endeavors to do business with the Germans or just visit them as a tourist.
Greeting & Language/Dialect
When attempting to speak German try to become somewhat fluent in the language, if not try to learn very basic phrases. It will seem lazy if you speak only one simple phrase very fluently but can’t say anything else. English is a very popular language in Germany and many people there already speak it, so take that into consideration.
When greeting people a simple firm handshake with good eye contact will be sufficient. Be sure to greet any women in the room first and to address everyone by their proper title (Herr for Mr. and Frau for Mrs. /Ms.). Do not introduce yourself until asked to do so or until the other person has shown interest or acknowledged you.
Here are some phrases in translated from English to German .
• Hello = Hallo
• Thank You = Danke
• Welocme! = Willkommen!
• Can I help you? = Kann ich Ihnene helfen?
• Can You Speak Slowly? = Können Sie langsamer sprechen?
• Please say that again. = Wiederholen Sie, bitte.
• Where is the restroom? = wo ist die Toilette?
The German population is approximately at 82 million. It is the home of many world famous composures of classical music such as Bah, Beethoven and Wagner. The Germans are the second most country to drink the most beer. Almost 70% of the roads in Germany have no speed limit. Also, there are more than 300 varieties of baked bread in Germany. Yummy ! Then, German culture is very big on punctuality; if the agreed time is 6:00 then the meeting time has to be 6:00. Coming early is just as rude as coming late because Germans believe that everything is about planning. If someone was to come early or come late, they did...

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