Insight Into The Past And Present With Science Fiction 0.4 By Mike Lancester

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Through analysing science fictions texts, it is clear that they emphasise the past and present issues of humanity by exaggerating their subsequent consequences in the future. 0.4 by Mike Lancester is a science fiction text which evidently represents the discrimination inflicted upon the ‘inferior’ races by the more ‘superior’ races. As this aspect of discrimination has occurred in the past, such as the racism faced by Aboriginal people, Lancester gives us an insight into the past of humanity. Furthermore, by exploring the possibility of social hierarchy in the near future due to genetic enhancements, 0.4 provides an insight into Lancester’s notion of the future of humanity.

Racism has occurred in the past since the beginning of civilisation. The past is referred to the series of events which have already happened. In society, the ‘inferior’ race has been treated unfairly by the more ‘superior’ race. Similarly, Aboriginals were treated unfairly and unjustly by the early European settlers. The European settlers perceived the Aboriginals dirty, unholy and unruly people. They attempted to ‘civilise’ the Aboriginals by enforcing European culture upon them as an effort to ‘upgrade’ them to European standards. Likewise, in the text 0.4, the aliens attempted to upgrade the 0.4 to a more appropriate standard, the 1.0. The 1.0 then looked at the remaining 0.4 as inferior beings, “He looked at me like I was dirt.” Through this simile, Lancester compares the 0.4 to dirt, emphasising the views the 1.0 hold towards the 0.4 as being insignificant and unclean. Furthermore, “they are to us as we are to apes” allows the responder to understand the distinct relationship between the 1.0 and the 0.4. Lancester does this by implementing an allusion which the responder can relate to, as apes are generally considered relatively unintelligent compared to humans. In this case, the apes are the 0.4 and we humans are the 1.0. In the case of the Aboriginal people,...

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