Insomnia: The Trouble Of Nights Essay

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I am sure that there have been nights where you cannot fall asleep. Well, you are not suffering alone. Forty to seventy million Americans suffer with this sleeping disorder called insomnia. Insomnia is having difficulty falling asleep, may wake up too early, or perhaps wake up periodically throughout the night. Many Americans are losing sleep everyday which is decreasing our health and ability to function the way our bodies are supposed to. Some may or may not have heard of this rising problem. However, those who have insomnia will soon be informed and will know how to help with the issue of insomnia. Throughout the following, I will give out informative ways in which to treat it safely, followed with some home remedies to improve people’s sleeping patterns.
There are two types of insomnia. The first is primary insomnia, which is when one is having problems sleeping that are not directly pertained with any other health condition or problem. This includes sleep disturbances or daytime fatigue, which causes significant difficulties in one’s social life, work-related, or other important areas of functioning in our daily lives. The normal cause of primary insomnia is due to anxiety or stress. Usually when the individual’s stress fades away, the sleep is then restored again. For some others, the bad sleeping habits will come back to the person because they start to worry about his or her sleep. At this time it turns into “learned” insomnia or it is also referred to as behavioral insomnia. Although primary is one of the most common types of insomnia, there are yet a few other types.
Secondary insomnia, which is chronic insomnia where one feels unrefreshed and it takes a toll on the ability to work and do daily functions and or tasks. Insomnia can take not only the energy level and mood, but also the health factor, work performance and quality of life. With having chronic insomnia it is important to get to the bottom of the cause. Chronic insomnia usually comes with side effects that cause the problem. Insomnia can be caused by problems such as depression, anxiety, menopause, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. All of these difficulties disrupt one’s sleep. Many who suffer from a lot of stress, work nights, and have inactive lives.
Two important questions that I find necessary and worthwhile to research is “are women more susceptible to insomnia than men are”? I find this necessary because through my personal observations, many women who are going through premenopausal are more likely to have insomnia. If this observation is correct, women can find a way to put a stop to this cause instead of suffering in some physical, emotional, and social aspects of life. Another question that is essential is “must one pay a visit to the doctor and or therapy for insomnia”? This is important because there could be many home remedies that people with this condition are unaware of and can be a cheaper route than going to see a doctor.
Women have a higher chance of...

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