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Sculpture can date back to ancient times, from the Greeks and Romans to Bernini and Michelangelo. The art of sculpture is a record of human experience. It is the skill of producing in three dimensions representations of natural or imagined forms. It includes sculpture in the round, which can be viewed from any direction, as well as incised relief, in which the lines are cut into a flat surface. It captures war and religion as well as individuals and the abstract. People everywhere have found the need for sculpture, whether it is in work, play, or prayer. In the Baroque era, the Catholics and Protestants conflicted. Protestant reformers rejected the use of visual arts in the church. Because of much clerical immorality and ignorance, the Catholics needed a route of persuasion to keep churchgoers content. With the use of emotional art and music, many hearts were moved. The theatrical designs of Saint Peter's and the Gesù in Rome are a triumphant symbol of the Roman Catholic Church's belief in itself and its history. Bernini's famous "The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa" was a construction of great splendor and sentiment. The amount of detail and effort put into her cloak is extraordinary. If only such talent was transported to the twenty-first century.

Enter my home. Inside is what seems to be my parent's vision of Louis XIV's Versailles. In a range of artwork is one alto-relief sculpture that catches my attention. Created by Bill Mack in 1995, his piece entitled, "Inspiration," illustrates pure beauty and talent. Every detail was considered in the making of this magnum opus. My father had told me he bought it from an old lady for more than I needed to know. From the looks of it, the product was well worth it. The piece is made of bonded sand and is of a stunning woman. She is lying on what looks to be a blanket. Her left hand is in a ninety-degree angle over her head. The blanket is covering her left breast and vagina. The model's eyes are closed. Her hair has much volume and looks so natural. On her eyebrows and lashes, the hairs are so distinct from one another. Her nose and full lips seem authentic. Her hands, fingernails, feet, and toenails look astoundingly real. The bones are so well defined and the leg bent so truly. The vein on her right arm is visible, showing the concentration put into the relief sculpture to make it as genuine as possible. It is shocking to begin to understand how a man can bond sand into such a formation. It puts those who lack that talent into awe. "The creation of relief sculpture, as Bill Mack does it, is a unique blend of art, science and technology. After the conceptual stage, Mack creates a full-size finished sketch or painting of the subject. Once the rendering is complete, he sculpts the original model in clay. He then creates the mould. In the casting process, the original sculpture is destroyed, making each of the limited edition sculptures of equal value." This quote, taken from,...

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