Motivation In Marketing Essay

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1. Introduction.......................................................................................2

Nature of marketing and its role within business. .........................3

2. Motivation theories.........................................................................4-9

Consumer buying behaviour. .......................................................4-9

3. Conclusion...........................................................................................10
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Marketing includes a huge range of domains which are considered to be significant. The main purpose of a marketer is to merchandize a product. Moreover, marketer needs to advertise it and sustain a product on a market among its competitors. Further, the study indicates intentions of consumers to buy or not to buy certain products. Moreover, it represents motivation theories and what is to be considered to influence customers. Basically, marketers need to consider various psychological factors before launching a product. Before establishing a market, products undergo different analyses, various motivational theories (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, trio of needs), cognitive learning theory, customer perceptions, consumer buying behaviour, moments of truth, customer relationship groups, external and internal factors, advertisements, promotions, sales and other tools that makes a difference on customers’ minds.

The Nature of Marketing
Definition of marketing:
The process of marketing determines analyzing and influencing trade market.

The modern marketing concept could be defined as ‘reaching the corporate targets through meeting and surpassing customer needs, faster than a rival. For instance, the mantra at Procter &Gamble, one of the world’s leading consumer products organizations, is that it must win at the first and second moments of truth. In fact, it happens in the shop where a customer makes a decision which brand is better to select.

Generally, it is executed by marketing managers, product managers. It appears in the form of products, shops, promotions, advertisments, prices, sales etc. The function consists of 4 stages:

• Analysis
A trade has to be comprehensible. Prior to launch a development plan, it is needed to conduct a detailed market analysis for making an impact on those trades.

• Planning
arketing programs and events must be designed for influencing the market's customers and consumers, and even the firm's competitors.

• Execution
The marketing occasions are executed in the markets as advertisements, sales and prices.

• Monitoring
Markets are always have to be controlled. The targeting, assumptions upon which the upcoming events are based must be continually evaluated;

Motivation. Consumer buying...

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