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Inspirational Doctor: Biography Of Dr. Mahathir

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“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you”. This is a quote from a famous cartoon character Dr. Suess. Inspiration is defined as stimulation, arousal of the mind, etc to special or unusual activity or creativity.1 Therefore an inspirational person will be someone who can influence others to express their potential in a positive way. Well, in my case the person who inspired me the most is a politician. It might sound absurd, how a politician can inspire a medical student like me? As a medical student, I often have problems in life, especially in my studies, but Dr. Mahathir has shown me that a problem does not depend on how big or how small it ...view middle of the document...

Mahathir had turned it into a reality, with his unique vision and mission, he has brought Malaysia to the world stage. Under his administration many new technologies and ideas had been introduced, which had rapidly improved Malaysia’s economy from various features especially in the medical sector.

Dr. Mahathir is also known as Dr. M has aspirations and fighting spirit in his quest to help the youngsters, especially the Malays to be more advanced in terms of academic. This is true during his administration where he emphasis on science, technology and mathematics in education. Even proven that Dr. Mahathir really emphasizes education when he received many awards and titles in education from different institutions. He acknowledged that education in the medical field has helped him in his political career. For him, the knowledge that he gained not only to overcome the challenges of being the head of government, but also as a tool to toss ideas. His creativity to apply his medical knowledge into different aspect of his life make me realize that knowledge has more to offer other than to pass the examination and it depends on the individuals to use their knowledge in accordance to their current situation.

In 1957, he had decided to open the MAHA clinic, which is the first clinic run by Malay in Alor Setar.5 The clinic is not open for the sake of profit alone, but active in discharging its social responsibility. This is evident when the exact charges for patients visiting his clinic are dependent on the patient's competence. In fact, there are many cases of the poor and the elderly are not liable for any direct payment. Obviously, Dr. M shows that as a doctor we should put our patient above our needs. The more I grew up, the more I appreciate life and understand that life is not solely about wealth. Wealth does not depend on the amount of money that we have, but depending on how much we can give to people who need it.

Dr. Mahathir also active in the field of writing. It includes articles in newspapers and books. Among the earliest book written by him is The Malay Dilemma in 1970.5 Not only that he is also interested in sports...

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