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When even the most common of men come to a low point in his life, he can, rise from the ashes, and overcome the darkest of problems. One man who embodies this is Josh Hamilton, of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Josh was a talented baseball player, with a promising future in the major league baseball. He started doing drugs, out of curiosity, during some personal off time, and as one thing led to another; he was suspended from the game he loved. Through God, however, Josh was able to quit his dirty habits, and returned to baseball. Upon his return, he became an all-star and an icon in his own right.
Josh began playing baseball from a very young age. Growing up, through his high school years, it was the only thing he knew. He was always considered the “good kid”, and never even had never tried drugs, or even alcohol throughout high school. For Josh, life couldn’t get better; he was the first overall pick in the 1999 draft, by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and was given a $4 million dollar signing bonus. As josh was going through the minor leagues, he was in a car accident. The Hamilton family’s car was rammed by a truck that had run a red light. Josh’s mother was badly hurt, and returned to their home, in Raleigh where she could receive treatment. Josh suffered some back injuries, and after some short time, he was placed in the disabled list, unable to play. (Josh Hamilton) For the first time in his 20 years, he was without the two things that mattered most to him, his family, and baseball.
With his life in apparent shambles, Hamilton found himself spending his free time around the local tattoo parlors, with people that he later describes as, “good people, making bad decisions”. (Josh… Part 1) Josh found himself in a tough position. Without baseball in his life, something was missing. He tried his first beer, and line of cocaine in the first night, out of curiosity. He shortly returned to baseball, however, and was back on track. Through a period of injuries, josh began using drugs on a semi-regular basis. When he was injured, he turned to drugs, to fill the void that baseball had previously filled. In 2003, during preseason, he failed a drug test, and was suspended. He failed drug test after drug test, with each additional failure adding 12 months to his suspension. In 2004, Hamilton stopped taking his drug tests altogether, and abandoned baseball. His addiction led him down a path of despair; at times, doing anything to fuel his addiction. He pawned his wedding ring, would drift in and out of rehab, and in a six week span, went through $100,000 worth of crack cocaine. With nowhere to go, he went to his grandmother’s house; she took him in, with the intentions of turning his life around. (Josh Hamilton) Josh wanted to quit this addiction, but could not find the help he needed to do so. Josh had hit rock bottom when he started lying to his grandmother...

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