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Inspirational Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes

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Striking with the most original baby shower cake that is also tasty and affordable has become the universal recipe after which parents to be are guiding their ideas. But not always is so easy so here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you're out of inspiration.

Edible cakes

This type of cake is the most popular selection of each parent to be. The possibilities are limitless it's rather an exercise of imagination for the ingredients and the shape. Here are some ideas:
1) Croquembouche - coming from French croque en bouche, this type of delicacy is not a traditional cake. It is oftenly used in French and Italy for weddings, baptisms or first communions. Sweet taste of creme puffs will softly crunch tastes leaving your guests speechless. Personalize your croquembouche by replacing the caramel with white chocolate for example, moreover, add some themed decorations to fit the background of your party.
2) Doughnut center tower - although it's pretty same as croquembouche, the doughnut center is however more easy to build up. All you need is a support for doughnuts and different sauces for dipping. Final decorations may give an inspirational aspect to baby shower cake. Sauces can vary from chocolate to iced sugar, fruit flavors, white chocolate or cocoa.
3) Baby block cubes - another affordable chic solution is a cake made out of cut cake sheets that are placed like layers one on top of another with fruit jam for an exotic taste. Use butter cream to soak up driness and buttercream all sheets. Add small cupcakes as decorations and cake will start look more vivid.
4) Funky colorful cakes - a backup tasty solution. Decorate you basic cake sheets with M&Ms, Harribos, dragees any kind of cute sweet you can find. This will put you imagination to work and if inspiration is good at that moment possibly you'll discover some hidden...

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