Inspired By Challenge: Personal Narrative Of Migrating From Haiti To The Us

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My parents immigrated to America in the mid-seventies with a main goal. This goal was to start a new life and give their offspring the opportunity to live better and beyond then how they did in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Often, I am told about the eccentric and spunky character I portrayed at an early age. “You were only two years old but you were such a diplomatic entrepreneurial baby…a baby!” My Father would always have a twinkle in his eye when he would tell me this. I’ve always aspired to be the person in charge of numerous self owned business’, but I was diligent in learning as a student to be more than just the best. Anything less is unacceptable, and success with the right mindset makes potential endless. Mommy and Daddy did not show me anything less; I learned through them what work ethic in its entirety was about. They are my school and I am pursing my future thanks to them.

Yes, I am my parent’s child, I am also the first generation in college, and with this life that they created I am determined to make more than just a simple existence of it. Being granted the Gilman scholarship to study abroad at the American University of Rome in Rome, Italy would be extremely influential to my life. The main impression would entail actually experiencing a first class seat in a world unknown to me. I’m not afraid because it will be more than just a two-hour film in the theaters, more than just picture in a magazine or the music I adore. I will be living the first of my ultimate experiences that will no longer be a dream. Developing my Italian business etiquette, cross cultural communication, vital manners with the people of Italy, and challenging my academic learning process, which would prepare me for my future in graduate school, and, as an international entrepreneur. Presently I am learning the Italian language and will continue to become proficient over the curriculum’s duration in Italy. Being able to communicate freely and live an authentic life in Italy would be just a tipping point for me. In the future when I apply for graduate school, I believe that my initiative to jumpstart my entrepreneurial future would be viewed as proactive in the eyes of the acceptance board at the institution’s I would submit applications to. This background would also be constructive to the future business relationships I will develop throughout the course of my professional life.

I am inspired by challenge; I chose Rome, Italy, for a vast array of reasons in addition to the aforementioned. Overall the main factor the opportunity to gain the wisdom of having a greater perspective of the world around me and applying it to the course study of Business. I will be able to experience all this inside and outside campus grounds especially during my home life where I will learn things I cannot earn in a classroom. These gains will help me to seek a future internship that can be additionally supplemental to by educational goals and professional...

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