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Inspiring Philosopher And Great Mathematician: Plato

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There were many great mathematicians that changed our perspective and understanding of math, Plato being one of them even though his focus was aimed more towards philosophy and life. Plato was well known for his work in mathematics, philosophy, and for his influence in Western philosophy and science.

Plato wasn’t the most influential person in math, but he did do his fair share of contributions in the math community. One of Plato’s most important contributions is creating the Academy of Athens, which was an institute that was devoted to teach young mind about philosophy and the sciences. Plato also introduced the theory of forms which suggested that all objects were perfect forms, not just ...view middle of the document...

Some of Aristotle’s work is even more recognized than Plato’s work. Plato always encouraged his students to think logically and when giving answers to have facts. Although Plato was more metaphysical and thought that people were in the dark about the truth about life and that they needed to open their eyes and see what life really is like. According to Plato, Aristotle was a traitor for not accepting his ideas. Besides influencing Aristotle he had a famous person that we know today as Socrates. Socrates was Plato‘s pupil he taught him about all of his knowledge in philosophy and life and because of Plato, Socrates work was spread out and taught to many people.

Some of Plato’s work was mathematically related even though it wasn’t much. One of the main contributions that Plato made was discovering the Platonic Solids which were 5 symmetrical 3D shapes; they were Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Icosahedron, and Dodecahedron. Some of Plato’s other interest were astronomy and harmonics, but his main focus was studying geometry and philosophy. Although a couple of years later it was discovered by Euclid that they were not as important as regular shapes that we know. Even though Plato didn't have the greatest impact on math he did expand and improve our understanding of geometry. Besides his work he had a favorite hobby which was listening to Socrates' lesson, because of this he gain more knowledge, he didn't have a relaxing hobby that we would consider fun.

Some of Plato's' best works were inspired by many people but some of the most important were Parmenides and...

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