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Motivating Students Essay

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I believe a classroom should be a sanctuary of learning in which the students know from the beginning what is expected of them and the teacher should discuss what is expected of her as a teacher. There needs to be an understanding amongst all involved with the children education. This understanding can lead to a fun filled adventurous classroom that encourages students to strive for the best. I believe when students and teachers are able to learn from each other, the learning environment can be successful. A successful classroom involves having an effective educator who believes they can make a difference in their students’ lives by believing in themselves as productive teachers. For a teacher to be effective, I believe they need to base their teaching on a foundation that will allow them to set goals for their students, as well as for themselves. My philosophy of education is based on the beliefs of Jean Piaget (1896-1980) cognitive theory of development. Piaget believe that children learn through discovery, manipulating objects, and interacting with other people, places, and things (Morrison, 2007, p. 112).Piaget surmised that children learn through actively interacting with their environments, and learn through actively interacting with their environments (Parkay and Stanford, 2010, p. 290). In my classroom, there are students with diverse learning styles and in order for me to reach these students as individuals; I have to implement lessons that will enable all of them to learn who they are as individuals and as a group. Through this learning they are able to construct their own understanding. I also believe that children should be given every opportunity to discover who they are as individuals and use language to talk or express what they are learning. An effective educator should be equipped with the tools and knowledge to inspire and encourage their students to explore their surroundings, discover new ideas and concepts, and interact with their peers.
I believe when students are given the proper and effective tools, they are able to explore their environment and learn. Exploration does not have to mean going on an expedition in the mountains or deep sea diving in the sea. Exploring can be when an infant is given the opportunity to crawl around the room and touch, taste, and hear the different textures and sounds or toddlers in the dramatic play center playing around with different types of food to make soup out of plastic vegetables. For example, Isis is in the dramatic play center cooking vegetable soup with a bucket. She turns on the stove and places the pot on top of the stove. She then looks through the refrigerator searching for different fruit and vegetables. She finds a tomato, carrot, beans, potato, and an orange. Isis remembers that her mother chops up the different vegetables and places them in the pot. Isis sits at the table and tells the other toddlers do not touch the stove because the stove is hot. When some of the other...

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