Inspiring The Latino Community Essay

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Inspiring the Latino Community
When we have dreams we do everything possible to achieve them. We are sometimes faced with barriers that prevent, or make it harder for us to accomplish our goals. Latinos in the United States work hard to give their families a better life. Latinos all have faced many challenging circumstances in order to accomplish their dreams. Latinos look up to other Latinos and when they see other Latinos that have succeeded then they feel that they too can succeed in whatever they put their mind to. George Lopez is a Mexican American comedian and actor. He serves as a great role model for every Latino. He went through a lot of tough situations that made his life hard. George Lopez has not only served as a great example of a Latino accomplishing his goals through hard circumstances, but he has never forgotten where he comes from, he has always given back to the community and has also represented the Latino community in the United States in a positive way.
Lopez is a great example of a Latino that did not have an easy start. Lopez was born, and raised in Mission Hills, California. His father abandoned him when he was two years old. His father took his baby clothes, and

birth certificate with him (Lopez and Keteyian 17). Later Lopez, and his mother moved into his maternal grandmother’s house. His mother then abandoned him at the age of 10 years old, and his mother remarried. His mother hoped to begin a new life with her new husband. From that day on his grandmother, Benita Gutierrez and step-grandfather, Refugio Gutierrez took care of him. During his childhood, Lopez believed that his father was dead, but later discovered his existence through information told by his grandmother (Lopez and Keteyian 17-21). He had a very hard childhood. His grandmother, and grandfather never showed him any sign of love. Lopez would get home from school, and he would be alone. During most of his childhood Lopez would cry. He felt sad because he did not have the childhood that he wished for. Lopez had such a difficult childhood that it caused him to feel depressed though out his childhood and even in his adulthood. His depression sometimes interfered in his life causing him to hold back on his feelings, but he was able to overcome this. Although his childhood was not easy, it did not stop him from accomplishing his goals.
Lopez turned his terrible life experience into something positive. Luaine Lee mentions, “So you created humor to dispel the pain, like a shield. ‘The comedy was a shield to deflect why I didn't have a jacket, why I was cold and why I didn't have a mother and father _ because kids would ask. So it became a device that I used to disconnect’ he says”(Sitcom). He used comedy as a way to

escape from his childhood. He has showed us that if you keep your mind occupied with other things then our past will seem less painful. He like many of us tried to find a way to make the best out of hard circumstances. According to Eric...

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