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Instagram Addiction Potential In Female Adolescents University Of Tampa Dr. Letter Research Paper

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Keller 1
Kaitlynn Keller
Dr. Letter
AWR 201
April 19th, 2017
Instagram Addiction Potential in Female Adolescents
Due to such high internet usage among adolescents, it is imperative to raise awareness
about Instagram addiction, an addiction that has yet to be proven among scholars, but may possibly
be negatively impacting female adolescents today. Since Instagram is a newly created social
networking site, only originating in 2010, empirical evidence on Instagram addiction is greatly
limited. However, through scholarly debates, it has been proven that many technological additions
exist, and Instagram addiction may be the next upcoming form. It is imperative to understand
Instagram addiction potential was derived from social media addiction, smartphone addiction, and
other broader synonyms for Instagram addiction that have been proven to have addictive potential
(Bányai et al. 2). Thus, proving Instagram addiction may be proven as a real disorder as well with
further research.
R. Kay Green, president of RKG Marketing Solution and writer for The Huffington Post,
analyzes in her recent article whether social media users present a fabricated version of themselves
to increase their self-image and self-esteem. Green explains the reasoning behind Instagram
addiction is because social media sites act as esteem boosters. The sites provide its users with a
false sense of self (Green 2). Given the ever-increasing amount of time people spend using social
media, specifically Instagram, it is critical to discover if Instagram does, in fact, have potential to
be considered addicting and who is most affected by the increasing potential of Instagram
Keller 2
addiction. R. Kay Green concludes a reasoning as to why females are becoming addicted to social
networking sites, like Instagram:
As the use of social media continues to evolve; the concept of presenting our "ideal selves"
rather than our true selves has become increasingly more prevalent on social media
platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, ... and many others. Your “real self” is what you are
- your attributes, your characteristics, and your personality. Your “ideal self” is what you
feel you should be; much of it due to societal and environmental influences. From a societal
standpoint, many of us are driven by competition, achievement, and status; hence, the
creation and portrayal of our ideal selves. (Green 1)
With the recent media attention to social media sites, it is imperative to discover social
media's effects on female adolescents, who have been previously identified as the most at risk for
behavioral addictions. Grant et al. define behavioral addictions as "the failure to resist an impulse
or temptation to perform an act that is harmful to the person or to others" (qtd. in Carbonell and
Panova 48). It is imperative to view Instagram addiction as the newest form in the long evolution
of technological addictions to better understand the possible detrimental effects.
To best understand Instagram's...

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