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Setting Up A Moral System Essay

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The installation of a moral system is vital in every society. Yet, every moral system mustdeal with the major conflicting general moral issues: Consequentialism versusNon-consequentialism; Self versus Other-Interestedness; Act Utilitarianism versus RuleUtilitarianism; and Emotion versus reason. When all four areas are combined and examinedthere are conflicting views that must be resolved.First of all, there is the issue of Consequentialism and Non-consequentialism.Consequentialism is best described by utilitarianism, where decisions are based on theconsequences of the outcome of the decision made. On the other hand, non-consequentialismis best described as an ethical theory that is based not on the consequences of theaction, but on some higher moral standard that is placed upon them. Examples ofnon-consequentialism are Kant's Duty Ethics and Divine Command Theory. The conflictbetween the two is whether to do what is best according to the outcome or follow what onefeels as the higher moral standard would require them to adhere to. Personally, I wouldresolve this area by choosing the consequentialist belief as my tool for judgementbecause I feel that people need to think about the consequences of their actions becauseif they don't then it will cause havoc in the society. Thus, I feel that consequentialismis the proper solution in this area.Secondly, there is the conflict between Self versus Other-Interestedness. The concept ofself is best described as being selfish and only caring about oneself without worryingabout what might happen to others. While the concept of other-interestedness is basicallyputting the needs of everyone else over your own (this is similar to utilitarianism). Thebig conflict is that most people are going to choose themselves first, but if this were aperfect society the people would worry about everyone first. If people...

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