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Installing Your Own Hair Extensions Essay

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Having long, healthy hair could possibly be one of the envied genes amongst women. Many women take supplements or undergo surgery to provide them with the added confidence of having luxurious hair. Although, those methods have been proven to work, there are many other less invasive methods available for obtaining beautiful hair. The use of hair extensions have become a popular trend in today’s society. Many celebrities, TV personalities and even politicians have owned up to adding a few hair extensions here and there. Hair extensions can be used to add length and volume to thin, short and receding hair. However, finding a beautician to install them can be bit pricy for the average individual. Being able to install them on your own can not only save you thousands of dollars a year in salon costs, it can also be used as a trade to make some additional cash on the side.

Items needed:

1 to 2 packs of hair extensions.
Rat tail comb
Curved weaving needle
Weaving thread

Step 1

Start out by braiding the base for your extensions. The base is the area that the extensions will be installed on. This can be the whole head or just a partial section in the back or front of the head. The most common method of creating a base for a whole head weave is to braid the hair in cornrows from the front to the back, while leaving out a small section at the top to cover the tracks. However, this method can not be done for a partial hair weave. To complete a partial sew in you would need to braid the area of hair that will hold the extensions in a side to side pattern.

Step 2

After the base has been made, you will need to sew the remaining ends of the cornrow on to it. Start by...

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