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Product: - Hand-made leather shoe and high-heeled shoe


1. To bring beauty to the world

No matter you are a boy or girl, everyone loves beauty. However, everyone thinks the standard of "beauty" is different; we are hard to meet every customer's requirement. Therefore, we can produce the unique and beautiful shoes to them. When they wear the shoes, they would have their unique, own beauty in the world.

2. To reinforce importance of quality and style

Nowadays, one of most striking feature in our society is that more and more people are blind to pursuit luxury shoe from famous design brand, regardless of the quality, practicality or even its style.

In fact, apart from reputation of shoe's brand, Style is of great importance as well. Only shoe with unique and fashionable style can bring beauty and confidence to owners, presenting his/her social status and temperament. In addition, the importance of shoe is not only about its appearance, but also its necessity in our life. In our life, only a shoe with high quality and practicality can provide us high comfort and motive to achieve social activities.

Thus, we hope to reinforce the quality's and style's importance on shoe among the public in our society through our product.


Product positioning:

What we do:

To produce a hand-made leather shoe and leather shoe with high uniqueness and quality


Currently, Most of the products in shoe fashion market are lacking in quality and uniqueness. They are mostly designed for tendency of fashion market, but not the customers themselves. Meanwhile, in order to maximize the profit, fashion brand tend to set up or hire factories in mainland China for the manufacturing of their product. The inferior quality is usually resulted from the poor working condition and poorly skilled workers of these factories.

Thus, we are devoted to providing the superior shoes which can really cater for the need of every customer. That's why we establish this brand.

Feature of our product:

1. High durability and practicality: Highly durable for over 10 years

2. Highlight the respective unique style of customers:

-our customers can participate in designing their shoes

-Customers are chief designer; the professional designers are their assistant, who provide suggestion

Since our company is aimed to provide shoe with high quality, durability and practicality is indispensable. Meanwhile, to satisfy their desire of being different from the others, we enable our customer to order a shoe with the style designed or desired by them.

Our manufacturing process:

Firstly, after we receive the order from our customers, fitting for foot size will follow. Then, we will arrange a professional designer to assist our customer to design their shoe. The detail of design together with the size will be sent to Italy for manufacturing. The shoe will be made by Italian highly...

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